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Hone is the modern men's health platform that offers personalized care with data driven insights, licensed physician consultations, and medications, all from home.

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Tier 1: Simple Care

Select the medications you're interested in and a licensed physician will review your preferences and make individual recommendations.

Please note these are not controlled substances.

Tier 2: Complex Care

Complete in-depth, at-home biomarker testing and meet with a physician for a 30 minute video consultation to create a personalized plan to optimize your hormones. Your medications will be shipped to you and you’ll follow up with your doctor every 3 months with video sessions.

Please note these are controlled substances.

Powerful and Proven Clinical Results

Hone men typically see their hormone levels double, and report low energy and mood improve by 33% over 6 months. As a result of treatment, many of our men claim that Hone helped them turn their lives around.

Treatment Areas

  • Testosterone

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    Our patients’ testosterone levels double over 6 months [on average] by using testosterone, clomiphene citrate, and anastrozole. Treatment requires quarterly biomarker testing to optimize your results.

  • Longevity

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    Hone offers NAD+, Metformin, Glutathione, and B12 (methylcobalamin) to help enhance longevity.

  • Immunity & Prevention

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    We offer medications such as Metformin and Glutathione to help prevent the progression of diabetes and help your body’s acceleration of restorative functions.

  • Sexual Dysfunction

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    Hone offers medications including Tadalafil (generic Cialis) and Sildenafil (generic Viagra) to treat erectile dysfunction.

  • Thyroid

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  • Weight loss

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You’re not alone in your journey to betterment. Patients have access to our community portal where you can learn from a group of men who are going through the same treatments you are. You can find support whenever you need it, on a variety of topics.

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