Rebekah Harding

Rebekah Harding

Health Writer

Staff Writer

Education: BA Journalism, Temple University

Expertise: Health, Sexual Health

Rebekah Harding is a Health Writer at Hone Health’s editorial operation, The Edge. She is an experienced health and lifestyle writer with both digital and print bylines in Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Yoga Journal, Giddy, and more. In particular, she has a passion for covering all of the slightly taboo things you didn’t know you wanted to know.

When she’s not chatting with leading longevity experts, diving into emerging health research, or curating your favorite men’s hormone health newsletter, Level Up, you can find her binging messy TLC reality shows, trying all of the group fitness classes at her local gym, or skimming her obscenely large collection of magazines from around the globe.


About The Edge

The Edge is an editorial outlet from Hone Health that delivers science-backed, expert-driven content to help you live better for longer. Our content is powered by experienced health and lifestyle journalists and reviewed by members of our Advisory Board, who are notable experts in their respective disciplines, from urology and endocrinology to nutrition and fitness. 
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