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Education: BA Journalism, Temple University
Expertise: Health and lifestyle

Rebekah Harding is a Health Writer at Hone Health’s editorial operation, The Edge. She is an experienced health and lifestyle writer with both digital and print bylines in Men’s HealthCosmopolitanYoga JournalGiddy, and more. In particular, she has a passion for covering all of the slightly taboo things you didn’t know you wanted to know.

When she’s not chatting with leading longevity experts, diving into emerging health research, or curating your favorite men’s hormone health newsletter, Level Up, you can find her binging messy TLC reality shows, trying all of the group fitness classes at her local gym, or skimming her obscenely large collection of magazines from around the globe.

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Contrave vs. Phentermine: Which Treatment is Better for Weight Loss?

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Is Living Like a Hunter-Gatherer the Secret to a Healthy Microbiome?

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This Type of Pleasure-Based Meditation Could Reduce Stress and Improve PTSD

Orgasmic meditation isn’t just about climaxing.

Steal Mark Wahlberg’s Trick to Turn Your Tub Into a DIY Cold Plunge

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This Is the #1 Diet for Weight Loss and Heart Health, Says New Report

The Mediterranean diet may improve heart health, brain health, and weight management.

Peter Attia’s Bible on Living Longer

Attia’s book, Outlive, offers his tactics for improving your healthspan.

Does Ozempic Cause Muscles Loss?

You’ll shed pounds, but your gains in the gym may take a blow.

You’re Probably Deficient in This Essential Mineral

Signs of low magnesium are sneaky. But, ignoring them may impact your overall health and longevity.

TRT Helped This Performance Coach Push Through a Midlife Crisis

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There’s no magic weight loss pill, but these options could help you shed some pounds.

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If You’re Struggling to Lose Weight, Peptide Therapy Could Help

Ozempic isn’t the only option for a weight loss assist.

Why Dr. Carnivore Changed His Mind About Meat-Only Diets

The carnivore diet once piqued the interest of many in the biohacking community. Now, the biggest advocate is quitting for good.

Are Genetic Methylation Tests Actually Worth It?

This assessment may be able to tell you a lot about yourself, from your potential risk of chronic disease to your estimated biological age.

Alan Ritchson: TRT is My Ticket to Career Longevity

With his hormones in check, the 'Reacher' star says he’s game for another 15 years.

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You and Your Dog Could Soon Take the Same Drug For Longevity

Rapamycin is already FDA approved for humans. Now, clinical trials seek to prove its efficacy for your furry friend.

The Latest Longevity Test Is an Old-School DEXA Scan

BMI is out. DEXA is in.

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Just because the pounds aren’t coming off, doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong.

I’m a Psychotherapist. These Are All the Supplements I Take to Fight Seasonal Depression

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What Supplements Does David Sinclair Take?

Six supplements you can pick up now, and two meds to talk to your doc about.

How to Increase Penis Sensitivity, According to a Urologist

Loss of sensation can throw a wrench in your performance.

These Habits Are Literally Killing You, Says New Morbid Longevity Test

I’ve, once again, been schooled by a lifespan calculator.

Why Are Men Eating Ginger for Better Sex?

The medicinal root is so much more than a sore throat remedy.

Ask a Sleep Doctor: Is Six Hours of Sleep Enough?

Not getting enough sleep can shave years off your life, even if you never feel tired.

Five Folic Acid Benefits No Sane Man Can Ignore

Vitamin B9 may boost your fertility—and amp up your lifespan.

Can the Length of this Appendage Really Reveal Low T?

Get your mind out of the gutter. We mean your finger.

Six Foods to Heal Your Gut Microbiome, According to a Functional Medicine Doctor

Left unchecked, an unbalanced gut can lead to problems outside the bathroom.

The Three Supplements You Need for Bone Health, According to an Orthopedic Surgeon

Maintaining optimal bone health can increase your healthspan and lifespan.

The Easiest Way to Banish Intrusive Thoughts, According to a Psychologist

Everyone has them. Here’s how to deal with them.

Bryan Johnson Says He’s Now a ‘Genetically Enhanced Human’

He increased his follistatin levels with pricey injections.

3 Supplements Dr. Peter Attia Recommends For Your Brain

Plus, the brands he trusts the most.

Mouth Taping is the Crazy Sleep Trend You Should Actually Try

Mouth taping could promote better breathing habits and reduce snoring.

Leading Longevity Experts Say This Is the Best Way to Lose Weight

Your weight loss protocol can be so much more than calories in, calories out.

Liver King Is Back on ‘Roids

But this time, he’s doing it right.

The Single Biggest Longevity Factor You’re Probably Overlooking

Would you live in your parents’ basement to boost your lifespan?

How Andrew Huberman Gets the Biggest Benefits from Cold Therapy

You gotta get your face wet, fellas.

Exactly How Long Sildenafil Lasts, According to a Urologist

Plus, when to take the pill to avoid a mid-sex softy.

Blue Zones: Dan Buettner Explains Why People from Okinawa Live to 100

Add purple sweet potatoes to your grocery list, stat.

Can’t Focus? Try Andrew Huberman’s 60-Second Attention-Boosting Protocol

Staring off into space could actually help your attention span.

Does Chewing Gum Break a Fast? The Truth, Once and For All

If your goal is autophagy, put down the Double Bubble.

The Surprising Connection Between Low Testosterone and Cancer

In case you needed another good reason to check your hormones.

Tech CEO Bryan Johnson Uses Shockwave Therapy to ‘Rejuvenate’ His Penis

The treatment boosts blood flow, which is critical for healthy erections.

CBD for Erectile Dysfunction: Does It Really Work?

A urologist weighs in.

How Psychedelic Therapy Can Boost Your Healthspan, According to Longevity Experts

Why your next trip could be a legitimate medical treatment.

What Peter Attia Really Thinks About DNA Test Kits

Plus, which ones he’d recommend.

Layne Norton’s Supplement Stack Boosts Muscle Without the B.S.

You don’t need a pile of pills for a killer pump.

This Testosterone-Boosting Workout Could Cause ED

“There’s probably a lot of confused, or even distraught, people out there.”

Why Peter Attia Changed His Mind About Sauna Use for Longevity

“I used to be in the camp of, ‘Sauna feels great, but that’s probably about it.’”

Scientists May Have Accidentally Invented a Do-It-All Longevity Drug

What can’t Ozempic do?

Longevity Doctor Peter Attia Can Tell How Healthy You Really Are

Contrary to what people believe, a genetic test does not give you all the information.

One Longevity Expert Wants You to Get 100 Biomarker Tests Per Year. Stick to These 5 Instead

“I think there’s over-testing going on.”

Toxic Optimization: Your Longevity Protocol Shouldn’t Make Your Life Suck

Andrew Huberman Gets This Surprising Benefit From His Rucking Routine

In true King of Productivity fashion.

I Tried PEMF Therapy. Here’s How the Drug-Free Pain Management Solution Might Help You

What if you could ditch ibuprofen for good?

You Aren’t Imagining Things—Summer Penis is 100% Real

A urologist breaks down the phallic phenomenon.

The Absolute Worst Foods for Erectile Dysfunction

Your snacking habits could be killing your performance.

Can These 8 Habits Really Add Years to Your Life? Longevity Experts Weigh In

Add years to your life without subtracting cash from your wallet.

This Mindset Shift Is the Secret to Enhanced Performance. Here’s How to Master It

Turns out, stress might make you smarter.

The Era of Age-Reversing Medications is Here

Scientists haven’t found the Fountain of Youth yet, but these drugs are pretty darn close.

Why Testosterone Matters for Longevity

Having a T deficiency can cause more than symptoms. It can impact your lifespan.

Collagen for Men: Why You Should Add This Protein to Your Stack

This protein could help you look and feel great.

Sleeping Less Shortens Your Life. These Longevity Expert-Approved Sleep Hacks Can Help

No more late night doom scrolling.

Meditation, Matcha, and Sunlight: The Morning Routines of Longevity Experts

You’ll never hit snooze again.

Why Tech CEO Bryan Johnson Eats His Last Meal of the Day Before Noon

The reverse age-er might finish dinner before you’re awake.

Why Peter Attia Changed His Mind About 5 Popular Longevity Principles

2018 Attia is shaking his head.

Penile Atrophy Could Cause ED as You Age. Here’s How Longevity Experts Prevent It.

“Use it, or lose it.”

Wait, Do Steroids Make Your Penis Smaller?

Think twice before juicing.

Want to Live Longer? Nap in This Exact Position

Here’s your excuse to catch some daytime Z’s.

Here’s Why Online Testosterone Level and TRT Dosage Calculators Are a Scam

Plus how to actually determine your T levels.

How Longevity Experts Use Intermittent Fasting

Which expert's fasting schedule will reign supreme? That’s for you to decide.

Is Berberine Really “Natural Semaglutide”?

Dupe or dud? A dietitian weighs in.

Need More Zs? Try This Heat Exposure Protocol

There’s a reason a hot bath before bed is so popular.

I’m Considering a Vasectomy. Will It Lower My Testosterone?

Read this before going in for the big snip.

Green Your Sex Life With Natural Condoms

Nothing wrong with some good, clean fun.

Joe Rogan’s Supplement Stack Is as Controversial as His Opinions

What to pick up and what to pass on from the podcaster’s pill pile

Mark Wahlberg Uses This Intermittent Fasting Protocol to Torch Fat

His intense IF schedule might be the most relaxed part of his routine.

Peter Attia Just Busted These Longevity Myths

Spoiler: Your BMI could be B.S.

Wait, Is Porn Bad For You?

Read this before you hit unsubscribe from OnlyFans.

Billionaire Vampire-in-Training Injects Himself With Teenage Blood to Reverse Biological Age

His 17-year-old son is his newest recruit.

Sleeping Naked Increases Testosterone: Myth or Fact?

Snoozing in the buff won’t boost T, but these other benefits will make you want to go commando.

Here’s Why The Rock’s Depression Reveal Is So Important

Middle-aged men are an often overlooked group when it comes to mental health.

Semaglutide May Have A Longevity-Boosting Off-Label Use

The drug gives “Natural Killer Cells” a boost

Larry Wheels’ Gain-Boosting Supplement Stack is Surprisingly Beginner-Friendly

Sometimes less is more.

This Muscle-Building Breakfast Takes Just 90 Seconds to Prep

Overnight oats are healthier than sugary cereals and just as fast.

Yes, Beer Can Be Healthy. Here’s 11 With Surprising Benefits

Get buzzed without the guilt.

Your Plastic Water Bottle is Killing Your Sperm. Try These BPA-Free Options Instead

Hydration without the hormone-disrupting toxins.

This Online Quiz Told Me How Long I’ll Live

Could it replace the $400 bio age tests? Probably not.

Why Peter Attia Is Literally Counting the Days Until He Dies

His use of a life calendar is morbid, but effective

Disturbingly, The ‘Last of Us’ Fungus is Great for Boosting Testosterone

Don’t worry, it won’t zombify you.

4 Smart Things—And One Questionable Routine—Knocked A Decade Off David Sinclair’s Biological Age

And the list is surprisingly simple.

Morning Wood Stopping Your Stream? Try This

Watch your aim, though.

The Secrets Behind Shark Tank Daymond John’s Impressive Weight Loss

The People's Shark's new health habits are his latest power move.

Can This 30-Second Challenge Predict How Long You’ll Live?

Not really. But not passing it may be a sign that you’ll die sooner.

Can a TENS Unit Help Treat ED? You Might Want to Think Twice Before Electrocuting Your Penis

Sadly, your results might not be that shocking.

These Bodybuilding Vets Swear by TRT to Stay Swole in Retirement

This longevity-boosting treatment is a far cry from typical gear cycles.

The Real Reason Your Crotch is So Itchy—And How to Fix It

It’s probably not ants.

The Weird, Wild, and Not-So-Wonderful Dietary Habits of Billionaire Tech Bros

If this is their secret sauce, we don’t want it

Why You Can’t Get And Keep An Erection

Plus, how to get your prized appendage back to full strength.

I Almost Lost My Job Because of Low Testosterone

Starting treatment put me on track for a promotion.