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19 Gym Bags for Every Type of Gym Goer

When it comes to working out, you should be focused on doing just that—not where to stash your plethora of water bottles, supplements, headphones, and change of clothes. That’s what a well-appointed gym bag is for.

The best gym bags merge function with versatility. You’re going to want something waterproof, breathable, and full of pockets to keep sweat-soaked items far away from your iPad. If you travel often, grab a duffle that can be used as a carry-on; if you’re a get-in-get-out type of gym-goer, you’ll benefit from a no-frills drawstring backpack; and if you insist on getting in your WOD before work, you’ll want something that easily fits extra clothing, tech, and lunch. For all of the above, shop the 19 best gym bags below.

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The Best Gym Bags for Men

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