man does pull up on a mounted pull up bar. his back muscles are defined

Have a Wall? Great. These Pull-Up Bars Will Get You Ripped

Blast your back and biceps at home with one of these sturdy wall-mounted pull-up bars.
By Lauren Bedosky
May 21, 2024

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You can go a long way with a pair of dumbbells when working out at home. Still, many of us would benefit from adding a wall-mounted pull-up bar to our set-up. How else can you score the perks of this exercise?

Pull-ups are a total-body move, but they give special attention to your back, biceps, and core muscles. Not many exercises can promise that efficiency.

Wall-mounted pull-up bars make it easy to incorporate these strength- and muscle-builders into your home workouts—or bang out a few quick reps every time you pass by. Some pull-up bars even offer multiple grip positions, so you can shift the focus to different muscles on every go.

You can find wall-mounted pull-up bars to fit any budget and set-up. Most are made for standard wood stud walls, but others need something more heavy-duty. Check the installation details before buying your wall-mounted pull-up bar to be sure it’s a good fit.

Ready to refine your pull-ups, and build all-over strength in the process? Read on for our picks in the wall-mounted pull-up bar category.


The 5 Best Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bars

Rogue Jammer Pull-Up Bar

Best Pull-Up Bar for Powerlifters

Constructed of thick steel and intended for mounting above a doorway frame on a standard wood stud wall, this Rogue pull-up bar is the ultimate addition to any home gym. Go for a tried-and-true textured black powder coat or stainless steel bar. Or, if you’re a sucker for coordination, match the bar to your home decor with one of ten custom Cerakote color coatings. Then, choose between a smooth finish or knurled grips that match the spacing on standard Olympic and powerlifting barbells.

Titan Fitness Adjustable Depth Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar

Best Adjustable Depth Pull-Up Bar

This budget-friendly pull-up bar from Titan Fitness is made of 11-gauge steel and covered in a powder-coated black finish. Translation: It’s heavy-duty equipment ideal for perfecting your pull-up game. It’s also adjustable and compatible with any stud spacing up to 50 inches apart. This way, you can mount it 14 or 22 inches from the wall and attach it to most wood stud or concrete walls—no strings attached.

REP Fitness Wall-Mounted Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar

Best Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar

Work your muscles from every angle with REP Fitness’ multi-grip wall-mounted pull-up bar. Its unique design allows for many grip options, from neutral to narrow to wide to angled. Whichever grip you choose, the non-slip powder coating will prevent you from slipping as you squeeze out that last rep. Plus, when properly mounted, this pull-up bar can handle up to 700 pounds. Weight your pull-ups or attach bands, exercise straps, or rings to the bar to perform additional exercises.

Goplus Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar

Best Budget Pull-Up Bar

If you’re watching your spending but still need a pull-bar that can go the distance, this Goplus pick is for you. It’s made of heavy-duty steel pipes, with anti-slip foam cushioning at various grip points. Speaking of grip, this wall-mounted pull-up bar gives you the option to rep out a neutral-grip, close-grip, or wide-grip pull-up. The weight capacity may not be as high as REP Fitness’, but it can still handle up to 440 pounds.

Pull-Up & Dip Pull-Up and Dip Bar for Indoor and Outdoor

Best Pull-Up Bar for Dips

While this Pull-Up & Dip option is the priciest on our list, it may be the most versatile. It gives you the ability to perform pull-ups and dips from all angles. Simply mount the base on a wall and then attach the bar and diagonal supporting beam so they’re oriented toward the ground (for dips) or away from the ground (for pull-ups). The bar and beam also detach and rotate easily, allowing you to switch from pull-ups to dips within seconds.