Man running wearing a weighted vest

The Best Weighted Vests, Tested and Reviewed by Veterans

Did someone turn up the gravity?

There are a lot of confusing fitness trends, products, and advice floating around these days. Suggestions range from the seemingly reasonable to the completely insane (like lifting weights… with your penis). It can be a challenge to discern what is real versus what is being marketed to you. For this reason, we love the humblest of workout apparel: the weighted vest. 

You don’t need a PhD to understand how and why wearing a weighted vest during exercise works—the thing is heavy, so every workout you do wearing it is harder, and those workouts bear more fruit. It’s almost too simple, which might be why we don’t hear about weighted vests as often as we do, say, smart home gym systems that cost a paycheck and a half. 

For a no-nonsense review, we put a handful of the most popular weighted vests in the hands of a group of military, veterans, and first responders who know a little about pushing themselves to the limit. Here are their thoughts on the best weighted vests you can buy. 

This review is a part of Hone Health’s celebration of Veteran’s Day, for which we’ve conscripted a team of military, former military, and first responders from our community to help us rigorously review popular products. 

The Best Weighted Vests on the Market