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Like Gymshark? Here Are 11 More Brands Like It

Gymshark isn't the only brand making gym shirts, shorts, and apparel that performs as good as it looks.
By Tanner Bowden
June 20, 2024

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If you ever use your screen as a window into the far-off weight rooms of fitness influencers on TikTok and YouTube, you’ve probably heard of Gymshark. That’s where the UK-based sportswear brand, which makes everything from muscle tees and joggers to crew socks and mesh shorts, found its rapidly growing following. If you don’t frequent those places you might wonder where the billion-dollar brand came from. Either way, you’ve probably heard of Gymshark. Either way, you might be wondering if there are other brands like Gymshark out there, too.

The community that Gymshark has fostered in the last decade is what gives the brand its soul. But it is, at its core, a fitness apparel company, albeit one that sells quality, attractive, minimally branded clothing at relatively low prices. Gymshark’s success stands solo, but it’s also proof that college tees and tube socks don’t cut it like they used to. There’s a large appetite for thoughtful athleticwear and there’s an entire crowd of brands like Gymshark working to satiate it.


Brands Like Gymshark

Ten Thousand

Every time Ten Thousand works on a new product, be it a pair of joggers or a tee for Crossfit, it gets in touch with athletes for input on the process. The passion-first approach has led to a concise collection of apparel that’s incredibly thoughtful down to every stitch and pocket. Every element of every garment is there for a reason, and ultra-premium fabrics come without ultra-premium prices. There’s an element of customization, too; many items like the brand-favorite Session Short are available with choices for different lengths and liners.

Price: $$$

Editor’s pickSession Short


Rhone’s focus has always been on performance fabrics that wick sweat, keep you cool, and can handle movement. The company applies that thinking to a vast catalog that even includes button-downs and blazers, but its workout gear has always been the favorite. Its Reign Short Sleeve tee is a resident of many “best gym tees” lists and for good reason, but Rhone’s shorts, tanks, and long sleeve offerings are fit for anyone who prioritizes sweat comfort and a clean, understated (read: minimal branding) look.

Price: $$

Editor’s pickReign Short Sleeve


On its face, Legends is an unassuming activewear brand covering all the basics: shorts, tees, tanks, joggers, hoodies. But behind that is a strong inclination to provide modern apparel for active men—and the backing of professional athletes like Steve Nash and Baker Mayfield. The company’s duds are made to move with fabrics that feature four-way stretch, sweat-wicking, breathability, and, importantly, approachable prices.

Price: $$

Editor’s pickLuka Short


Nobull is the brainchild of a pair of former Reebok employees who set out to make something for CrossFit, focusing primarily on footwear and also apparel. CrossFitters responded to what they had in mind, and it didn’t take long for the company to expand into other sports—it’s partnered with both the PGA Tour and the NFL. Recently, Tom Brady even brought his companies TB12 and Brady under the Nobull umbrella.

Price: $$$

Editor’s pickOutwork Training Shoe


2XU aka Two Times You focuses on fabric technologies above all else. The company’s activewear designs employ things like ceramic-infused yarn for heat retention and double-knits for enhanced breathability. The company is perhaps best known for its compression products that utilize what the company calls “muscle containment stamping” to support specific muscles and tendons during intense exercise. The company has a full collection of training gear though, all of it made to aid your workout.

Price: $$

Editor’s pickCore Compression Shorts

Path Projects

The founding idea behind Path Projects was that by selling directly to consumers, the company could keep its prices low and still use the best materials it could find. The approach has made the brand something of an in-the-know favorite in the running world, which is where it primarily operates. But quality is quality, and Path Projects’ apparel is perfect for all types of workouts.

Price: $$

Editor’s pickGraves PX Short


Upstart Swiss shoe brand On is best known for running and running shoes but in recent years the company has begun to diversify its offerings. Now it has a well-rounded line of apparel for all of life’s venues and that includes the gym. The gym-focused collection is still small but covers its bases with a full line of silhouettes that includes tees, tanks, shorts, and pants. All are made with top-quality performance materials and maintain the sleek design that’s made the brand so popular. (On even makes a gym shoe called the Cloud X 3 AD now, too.)

Price: $$$

Editor’s pickMovement Pants or Focus Tank


Maybe you’ve heard of Vuori via ads on your favorite podcast. The direct-to-consumer company takes a markedly more laid back to performance apparel, channeling the distinct SoCal lifestyle (where Vuori is based) in designs that are lighter and less intense than some other fitness brands, but no less capable. If you’re a gym rat who doesn’t want to look like a gym rat or someone who wants their workout clothes to transition from one venue to another, Vuori is worth taking a look at.

Price: $$$

Editor’s pickKore Short


If you’re still under the impression that Lululemon is a women’s brand, here’s your news flash. What was formerly a women’s yoga brand has been putting out excellent men’s apparel for years, making some of the most comfortable basics for any active pursuit. For weight sessions, HIIT workouts, or running, (and yes, yoga), Lulu has everything from tees to long-sleeve shirts to tanks to compression shorts to joggers, all in high-quality fabrics and tasteful color patterns that make them worth the slightly elevated price tag. We even know some mountain climbers who swear by their t-shirts.

Price: $$$

Editor’s pickMetal Vent Tech Short-Sleeve Shirt or Metal Vent Tech Sleeveless Shirt

Reigning Champ

Reigning Champ has been making athletic wear since 2007. The company’s apparel is heavily inspired by heritage sportswear—think that classic Champion hoodie—but it leans on modern fabrics and fit to achieve a decidedly new, premium feel. Craftsmanship in the manufacturing process is at the brand’s core, and its apparel is known more for simplicity than flair. Heads up, Reigning Champ is a tier more expensive than Gymshark, but the quality is there to back up those extra bucks.

Price: $$$$

Editor’s pickMidweight Terry Relaxed Hoodie


Y,IWO stands for “Yeah, I Worked Out.” It could be a cringy name for a fitness apparel brand but the folks behind this one didn’t lean fully into the nostalgia-infused, graphic-heavy designs that conjure up images of wood-paneled weight rooms where strongman trophies get shelf space in the corner. For those who take the utmost pride in what they do in the weight room and want to show it off beyond that space too, Y,IWO has all the classic tees, sweats, and shorts—most of them made with heavy-duty 100% cotton—that you can dream of.

Price: $$$

Editor’s pickAny Cropped Tee