Conor McGregor punching Dustin Porier

Conor McGregor Touts Cryotherapy in a Can as the Future of Muscle Recovery

The UFC champ uses TIDL Sport's cryo spray to get back in the Octagon at record speed.

When you think of cryotherapy, you might immediately conjure up visions of sci-fi-esque stainless steel chambers. But you don’t need to dance around in a below-freezing metal cylinder to reap the muscle-recovery benefits of cryotherapy. TIDL Sport bottled it up into an easy spray-on product dubbed cryotherapy in a can—and it tapped former UFC featherweight and lightweight double-champion Conor McGregor to put it to the test.

At 33 years old, McGregor is a force to be reckoned with in the Octagon—his record of 22-6-0 tells you all you need to know. But with that talent comes serious strain on the body. After repeated blows to the head and jabs to the gut, McGregor knows a thing or two about recovery, and he’s able to do so quicker with the help of TIDL Sport’s new cryotherapy-inspired topical.

First, What Is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a recovery treatment used for pain relief and accelerated healing. It uses extreme cold temperatures (close to -230 degrees Fahrenheit) for faster and more efficient recovery.

The International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance notes in one study that whole body cryotherapy can boost and speed up muscle recovery for faster bounce back and optimal performance (1). And while you might think cryo is only for professional athletes, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

How Does TIDL Sport’s Cryo Spray Work?

If you’ve tried other pain relief gels and creams in the past to no avail, you might be wondering if this spray actually gets the job done. McGregor thought the same until he actually started seeing benefits from it. “I couldn’t put my name behind something that I didn’t believe in and give it to my fans,” he says.

This targeted spray works with an enhanced touch-free formula (and easy sunscreen-like spray application) that instantly cools your skin and absorbs into the muscles of the affected area. It not only provides rapid relief but also allows for faster recovery to those sore, compromised muscles and joints.

What’s It Made With?

Unlike its synthetic competitors lining the shelves of your local drug store, TIDL Sport’s cryo spray is made with plant-based ingredients for a natural approach to recovery. The active ingredient in this spray is menthol which works to first cool and then warm the affected area to soothe aching muscles. One study notes that menthol’s ability to cool and reduce pain makes this a great option for a variety of conditions dealing with pain, including arthritis, backaches, and sprains (2).

Another ingredient found in TIDL Sport’s spray is arnica montana extract. This targets muscle aches by reducing inflammation. One study notes that arnica is comparable to pain-relief medicine like ibuprofen and could be an alternative to chronic pain management (3).

If you’ve gone a little too hard on leg day, consider McGregor’s recovery approach with this cryo spray. And maybe, just maybe, you could move like him, too.