dwayne johnson as black adam

Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Training Program Is Coming. Here’s Everything We Know.

Here’s how Johnson got in the best shape of his life for his next role. With his new training program, you can be, too.

You thought it wasn’t possible for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to hit the gym any harder. Wrong. In preparation for his first superhero role in the upcoming DC movie Black Adam, Johnson has achieved the best shape of his life.

How do we know? Johnson has repeatedly claimed the physique he plans to show off on-screen “raises the bar.” Staying true to his word, he’s giving his followers a glimpse inside the Iron Paradise, the epic gym he built on his Virginia farm, offering enviable pump pics and precious insight into the exact workouts and meals he’s used to prep for Black Adam. In his latest Instagram post, Johnson hints a “Black Adam Training” program is on the way.

We can only hope he shares his full workout and diet program (with plenty of room for Teremana tequila). Don’t want to wait for Johnson to officially release Black Adam Training to train like him? He’s already leaked a few of the workouts in his weekly split we’ve shared below.

The Rock’s Black Adam Training Workouts

Johnson splits his week into different muscle groups, some days focusing on chest and triceps, other days back and biceps. On Saturdays, he finishes the week with what he calls “the hardest workout” of all: his leg workout.

His workouts focus on increasing time under tension (TUT), an approach that focuses on maximizing the amount of time a muscle is working through a full range of motion. TUT forces your muscles to work harder, optimizing muscle fatigue to help you build volume.

Johnson achieves TUT by using supersets, tri-sets, and “giant sets”—meaning he moves from back to back exercises with little rest as possible. To boost the effectiveness of each set, “push yourself to the limit, but be smart with the weight. No ego training,” he says.

Chest & Triceps Workout

Johnson starts his workout with three sets of four exercises: flies, chest press, incline press, and bodyweight dips, all performed until failure which he notes, “is a bitch.” From there, he finishes with three sets of four exercises that target the triceps from all angles.

Lower Body Workout

Before getting to the tough stuff, Johnson begins his leg session with 20 to 30 minutes of stretching. Once that’s done, he moves on to the workout itself, which consists of more savage sets. For the meat of his workout he stacks exercises like:

  • Leg extensions/Leg curls
  • Compound Pressing
  • Movements
  • Chain Lunges
  • Shark Pit Squats
  • Barbell Squats

He finishes it all off with hamstrings and calves. “It’s a lot of hard work—especially balancing everything else life throws our way—but I really enjoy the challenge of new goals,” Johnson shares in his caption after absolutely crushing his savage workout.