Man doing incline bench press with blue background

5 Foldable Workout Benches That Don’t Take Up a Ton of Space

Every home gym needs one.

The Rock’s home gym is so massive, he dubbed it the “Iron Paradise.” While we’d love nothing more than to have a personal sports club attached to our home, we’re not The Rock so we’ll settle for any corner we can sweat in. For most of us, that’s the basement or garage.

Enter: compact gym equipment. From adjustable dumbbells and kettlebells to wall-mounted pull-up bars, there are endless ways to fatigue your muscles with little to no space. But when you want to turn up the heat, it’s time for a foldable workout bench.

Having a bench at home saves you from crawling on the floor or relying on rickety chairs to support your weight. The right workout bench is durable and made of high-quality materials like commercial-grade steel. It serves as a solid platform for many strength training exercises, such as dumbbell chest presses, seated shoulder presses, incline chest flies, and—in some cases—decline sit-ups.

But the best part about foldable workout benches is that they’re collapsible and easy to move. Some fold in half, whereas others can be stored vertically. This makes them a breeze to stow when not in use and allows you to reclaim valuable real estate in the garage, basement, or elsewhere.

Convinced yet? Here are the best foldable workout benches to bring home.

The 5 Best Foldable Workout Benches