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Chris Pratt’s Top 9 Health Habits for Better Physical and Mental Health

Plus, his go-to fitness gear.

You probably wouldn’t want health advice from pre-2014 Chris Pratt. Taking down five cheeseburgers for lunch and a poor daily routine aren’t exactly the pinnacle of longevity.

But after an impressive 60-pound weight loss transformation while preparing for Guardians of the Galaxy, the 43-year-old actor has adopted some seriously healthy habits.

From boxing and fitness for his physical and mental health to a biblical-based fast closely aligned with veganism, Pratt is now one of the more fit celebrities worth keeping an eye on.

Here’s everything we know about Pratt’s workout, diet, and health habits.

He’s Into Boxing

Pratt took up boxing not just for the cardio benefits, “but it also has practical applications,” he told Inside Hook.

“If I’m running on a treadmill or just doing cardio for the sake of burning fat, well, that’s complicated for me—I get bored,” Pratt said.

“I find that the more I switch up my workouts, the more it shocks my body to keep in shape,” he told Men’s Journal. “That’s what is so great about boxing and mixed martial arts is that when you’re sparring with someone, no two workouts will be the same.”

Pratt’s also taken to kickboxing and MMA and loves that he can, “learn to fight and lose weight at the same time,” he told Inside Hook.

As for the mental benefits, “I have to focus on breathing and technique, and that makes the physical activity more strenuous,” said Pratt.

He Loves His Go-to Fitness Gear

“I live such an active, on-the-go lifestyle whether I’m traveling on a press tour or away on location filming a movie,” Pratt told Men’s Journal. “One of the only constants in my life is working out.”

Even with a busy schedule, Pratt makes time to hit the hotel gym. But he does have some go-to favorite exercise equipment (which he partnered with Amazon to highlight in a collection).

“One of my favorite pieces of equipment to use is the NordicTrack Treadmill,” Pratt said. “I also really like CAP Barbells and an Amazon Medicine Ball to work on my abs and arms to complement the cardio from the run.”

And he doesn’t forget about recovery. “I’m also a big fan of the Manduka PRO Yoga Mat and Amazon Foam Roller from my list,” he said.

He’s Tried the Daniel Fast

Based on the Bible’s Book of Daniel, The Daniel Fast is essentially a vegan diet. It’s a 21-day fast consisting of fruits, vegetables, grains, and unleavened bread, per Insider.

“For 21 days I had no meat, no sugar, and no alcohol, and it was actually amazing,” Pratt said on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

According to the Daniel Fast website, this diet is, “your opportunity to draw nearer to God,” and Pratt told Colbert that he did it through his church.

While the vegan diet may promote weight loss, lower your cholesterol levels, and help manage diabetes, you run the risk of not getting enough protein, vitamins, and minerals, including iron.

Even though a 21-day fast is different from adopting a vegan lifestyle, you should focus on vegetarian or vegan foods—and supplements if necessary—that provide those nutrients.

He’s Always Hydrated

In fact, that’s Pratt’s number one tip if you’re trying to get in shape, he told Men’s Journal.

“I try to drink at least a gallon of water a day to keep my muscles in top form and to help them recover from a workout,” he said. “It’s simple, but it really makes a difference.”

You should aim for half your bodyweight in ounces per day, Susan Greene, ACE certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Nutrition Specialist previously told The Edge.

“If you weigh 200 pounds, you would need around 100 ounces of water per day, or about 12 to 13 cups,” she said.

You can also mix in electrolyte powders to replace fluid loss, protect against dehydration, and improve recovery.


He Believes Fitness Combats Depression

“Being in good physical shape is the best way to combat depression,” Pratt told People. “You just have endorphins running around your body. It is the best anti-depressive that there is.”

Research backs Pratt and suggests that exercise protects and manages symptoms of depression (1,2).

Exercise releases endorphins—your “feel-good” hormones—which can relieve pain, reduce stress, and improve your well-being. Physical activity can also take your mind off negative thoughts that fuel depression.

He Takes on The Murph Challenge Every Year

Named after U.S. Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy—who you may recognize from the book and movie Lone Survivor—the challenge is an annual fundraiser in which you complete the following exercises for time (with a 20 pound weighted vest if you choose):

  • 1 mile run
  • 100 pull-ups
  • 200 push-ups
  • 300 squats
  • 1-mile run


“We got a big group of people doing The Murph challenge this year to celebrate Memorial Day, to memorialize our fallen heroes, especially Lieutenant Michael Murphy,” Pratt said in a video before doing the challenge.

The Murph raises money for the Lt. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation and celebrates Lieutenant Murphy’s legacy.

And even though he’s a fit dude, Pratt still needs to practice for The Murph.

He Avoids Sleep Aids

Pratt told James Corden on The Late Late Show with James Corden that he used to take sleep aids. But his bad habit of texting people without remembering was one reason he stopped.

While we don’t know how much sleep Pratt gets each night, hopefully, he falls in the National Sleep Foundation’s guideline of seven to nine hours a night.

Now that he’s ditched sleep aids, Pratt can consider other techniques to sleep better.

Chamomile tea contains apigenin, a compound that binds to receptors in your brain that may decrease anxiety and can promote sleep. While late-night scrolling might be part of your routine, putting your phone down at least an hour before bed can also help.

And as Karan Raj, M.D., said on Instagram, warm showers before bed cool your core body temperature and lower your sleep threshold to catch more quality z’s.

He Hunts to Relieve Stress

“Being outdoors, listening to the world wake up around me: I shed all the stress that comes with my job,” Pratt told Outdoor Life.

“Whatever stresses the regular world creates for any outdoorsman can be washed away for a while in a tree stand or duck blind,” he said. “Some people fast, some people go on a cruise or visit a day spa. I get out in the woods with a rifle or a bow. That’s my release.”

Pratt’s reason checks out. Getting outside in nature can relieve stress and anxiety and improve mood.

He’s Open About Low Sex Drive

When Pratt tipped the scale at 300 pounds, he admitted his sex drive was in the gutter.

While low testosterone can cause weight gain, being overweight can also lower your testosterone levels over time and affect your sex drive. (If you think you may have low T, you can take an assessment to find out your hormone levels and see if testosterone replacement therapy is right for you.)

After his impressive weight loss transformation, Pratt noticed physical and spiritual changes. Now he wants to encourage people to make a change, too.

“You can, with hard work and dedication and just sticking to it, you can actually make a big change,” he told Access Hollywood (per U.S. Weekly). “And it will affect you, not just physically, not just the way you look, but how you feel and how your spirit feels and how your penis feels—especially the penis part!”

Hone’s testosterone assessment is the simplest way to uncover whether your levels are low. It’s fast, simple, and you can do it from home.