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3 Interesting Longevity Insights from Our AMA With Dr. Jack Jeng

Hear our Chief Medical Officer’s thoughts on living longer—and healthier.

Metformin Isn’t Only for People with Diabetes

Metformin is an FDA-approved drug, most commonly prescribed for diabetes, but doctors can also prescribe metformin for off-label reasons, including weight loss and longevity, Jeng says. (If you’re curious about your eligibility for metformin treatment, go to Hone’s website and sign up to consult with a doctor).

The effect metformin has on weight loss is modest, says Jeng, and studies show around a five to ten pound difference. If longevity is your goal, metformin can prevent the onset of diseases, including cancer, and decrease your mortality while extending lifespan, Jeng says.


Your Body Won’t Stop NAD+ Production

One question from a Hone community member that caught our attention: “Will my body stop producing NAD+ if I supplement with it?”

Unlike your body’s natural testosterone production—which decreases with testosterone therapy—there’s no evidence that your body stops NAD+ production if you supplement with it, Jeng says.

“Part of it is because of how NAD+ is produced,” Jeng says. “It’s from the salvage pathways—which synthesize precursors like NMN into NAD+—where we receive the majority of our NAD. That salvage pathway is not changing based on your supplementation. You’re just increasing the amount of NAD that your body has access to.”

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