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Don’t Believe the Headlines. These Drinks Won’t Boost Testosterone.

Sorry to crush your liter-sized cola-chugging gym fantasies

There’s a new study that’s getting a whole lot of attention because of its tantalizing testosterone-related possibilities: As IFLScience reports, research looking at the effects of feeding mice the soda brands Coca-Cola and Pepsi found that the carbonated beverages increased the size of the animals’ testicles—and jacked up their testosterone levels.

The science behind the research published in Acta Endocrinologica, looks fine on the surface, and may very well be. But it’s important to take the news and any further implications for humans with a heap of salt.

That’s because, as we all know, mice are not humans. Research in mice actually frequently fails to replicate the same results in people. As Harvard University points out, “If we were all mice, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes, and most inherited disorders would be a thing of the past.”

Further, as the new study’s authors point out themselves, the link between sugary sodas and bigger cojones as well as higher T levels goes against other studies we have on the matter.

Previous Studies Suggest Soda Lowers Testosterone

When the rush to conclusions from new research looks too good to be true, it often is.

Past findings have established that consumption of drinks like Coke and Pepsi is linked to harmful health effects, from an increased risk for obesity and cardiovascular disease to a significant drop in sperm quality.

And fizzy drinks have been singled out for their negative effects on testosterone. A study as recent as 2018 in the peer-reviewed journal Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology looking at American men ages 20 to 39 years old found that “the odds of low testosterone was significantly greater” with increased consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages. (For what it’s worth, a high BMI was an independent risk factor for low T levels.)

For any number of reasons, you’re still almost certainly better off sticking to a giant flask of water than a Big Gulp.

Foods That Boost Testosterone

While soda won’t give your T levels a lift, plenty of other foods can. In fact, we’ve got a whole list of testosterone-boosting foods, if you’re interested. We also rounded up some other foods you may not realize could be lowering your testosterone, including alcohol, dairy, and beloved but trans fats-laced fried chicken.

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