Construction worker carrying ladder

This Kind of Job May Boost Your Testosterone and Fertility

Labors who lift heavy have higher T levels and healthier sperm, per a new study

A new study from Harvard Medical School suggests that men who have physically demanding jobs may get a fertility boost.

The research, published in Human Reproduction, found that men who reported more physical activity at work had higher levels testosterone compared to desk jockeys.

It makes sense that lifting heavy at work resulted in higher T levels, given the close relationship between exercise and testosterone. As we’ve reported before, men who exercise regularly—particularly if they do HIIT workouts—tend to have higher testosterone levels than men who are physically inactive.

The research also found that men who reported often lifting or moving heavy objects at work had 46 percent higher sperm concentration and 44 percent higher total sperm count compared to those with less physical jobs.

Male Infertility: A Growing Problem

In recent years, male infertility has become a simmering crisis. Its growth over time can be attributed to a number of complex factors including diet, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, and potentially, smartphone use. According the Harvard news, about 40 percent of infertility cases can be traced to male factors, such as sperm count, semen quality, and sexual function.

Even if you’re not trying to procreate, this is cause for concern. There’s increasing evidence that male infertility is linked with a host of common chronic diseases, including heart problems and autoimmune diseases.

“We already know that exercise is associated with multiple health benefits in humans, including those observed on reproductive health, but few studies have looked at how occupational factors can contribute to these benefits,” the new study’s author and Harvard Medical School assistant professor Lidia Mínguez-Alarcón said.

So by all means, keep up a regular fitness regimen. But if you happen to be carrying bricks and heavy machinery at your day job, you might have hit a jackpot in men’s reproductive potential: higher testosterone and more sperm along with your paycheck.

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