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Kevin Nash Defends The Rock Against Joe Rogan’s Steroid Claims

“If Dwayne’s taking anything it’s done by a doctor.”

In the wake of Liver King’s confessed steroid use, Joe Rogan said he suspects The Rock—and potentially other jacked celebs including Chris Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman—use performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) as well.

Magic Mike XXL actor and former wrestler Kevin Nash, aka “Big Sexy,” came to Dwayne Johnson’s defense on a recent episode of his podcast Kliq This, while talking about his own experience with PEDs, specifically testosterone.

“The Rock is saying that he doesn’t use PED’s and Rogan is telling him that it’s bullshit, you’re on PED’s,” Nash said. “[The Rock’s] 50, so if Dwayne’s taking anything it’s done by a doctor. He’s getting either cypionate or enanthate.”

Both are legal forms of testosterone—and should only be prescribed by your doctor. Cypionate is closer to your natural testosterone, but the enanthate ester lasts longer,” Nash said.

Nash isn’t a doctor, but his T knowledge is on point, probably because he’s on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) himself.

“Testosterone replacement therapy brings you back the hormonal levels that you [had] in your mid 30’s,” he says on the podcast.

“If you take my blood, my testosterone level will probably be dependent on how far from my injection between 780 and 1000,” Nash said. “Somewhere in between there. Sweet spot is about 850 for me.”

Nash credits TRT with lowering his cholesterol, reducing inflammation, and helping him lean out, although the benefits of TRT are far reaching to include more energy, increased sex drive, weight loss, and more muscle.

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As for The Rock, Nash says The Rock’s massive physique results from his lifestyle, workouts, and other health habits.

“I watch him. He doesn’t train super, super heavy but strict supersets, constant tension on the muscles, knows what he’s doing, in his own zone, get’s out of there, and the rest of his day, he’s eating optimally. He’s not missing meals, he’s not missing macros [or] micros.”

“To look the way he does all the time, instead of f*cking bashing somebody, just tip your hat to their discipline,” Nash said, subtly aimed at Rogan.

It looks like we have a real sparring match on our hands. Still waiting for your move, Rock.