Chris Hemsworth running in 'Limitless'

Everything You Need to Know About Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Limitless’

The Thor star explores how to live longer and better through epic challenges and expert input.

What is the limit for the human body?

Researchers have studied this question for years. In the Disney+ docuseries, actor Chris Hemsworth puts their findings to the test. Created by Oscar-winning director Darren Aronofsky, the series takes on conventional thinking around healthspan, lifespan, and the full potential of the human body.

Hemsworth, alongside seven experts in a variety of fields, takes on a series of challenges to explore how we can all harness biology to stave off illness and cognitive decline, build physical and mental strength, and live better for longer.
Here’s everything you need to know about Limitless, from what it’s about, to who’s in it, and how to watch.

What is ‘Limitless’ About?

The six-part National Geographic original series follows Hemsworth—who’s as fit as they come—as he puts his body and mind to the test with a series of physical and mental challenges. The goal: to understand the limits of the human body and learn how to keep it working better for longer.

During the course of the series, he exposes his body to extreme temperatures, endures days without food (then goes spearfishing for his supper on the Great Barrier Reef), walks across a crane that’s projecting from the roof of a 900-foot tall skyscraper, and completes a grueling 100-foot rope climb.

The challenges themselves are as seat-gripping as any Marvel movie. But it’s the science that will leave you on the edge of your sofa.

Hemsworth is guided on his personal mission by seven accomplished experts—longevity authorities, physicians, researchers, sports scientists, endurance athletes, and even a death doula. In each episode they explain the science of longevity and supply instantly adoptable techniques that you can start using immediately to maximize your own strength, supercharge your memory, and build resilience.


Who’s In It?

Each episode features Hemsworth alongside a respected expert in a variety of fields. Here’s who’s in Limitless:

  • Chris Hemsworth: The 39-year old Australian actor, best known for his role as Thor, tackles a series of physical and mental challenges to test longevity.
  • Dr. Modupe Akinola: A stress psychologist and professor at Columbia Business School, Akinola gives Hemsworth tools to fight stress in the first episode “Stress-Proof.”
  • Dr. Peter Attia: A longevity physician who appears in the episodes “Shock,” “Fasting,” and “Strength,” Attia teaches Hemsworth about aging—and how to combat it—with different techniques.
  • Ross Edgley: An extreme athlete and sports science author, Edgley stars in the episodes “Shock” and “Strength” and helps Hemsworth prepare for a swim in freezing waters.
  • Tanya Streeter: A professional freediver, Streeter coaches Hemsworth in techniques to breathe better underwater in the episode “Fasting.”
  • Dr. Sharon Sha: A neurologist from Stanford University who appears in the episode “Memory,” Sha supplies techniques to help Hemsworth combat mental aging.
  • BJ Miller: A palliative care doctor and president of Mettle Health, Miller takes Hemsworth on a journey through aging and mortality in the episode “Acceptance.”
  • Alua Arthur: A death doula and founder of Going with Grace, Arthur helps Hemsworth confront his own death in “Acceptance.”
  • Luke Zocchi: A personal friend of Hemsworth (and the one responsible for building his superhero physique), Zocchi accompanies Hemsworth on his journey—and even undertakes some of the challenges himself.
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How Can I Watch It?

Limitless is available on DisneyPlus. You can get the basic DisneyPlus package for $7.99 per month. All six of the episodes are available to stream now.

Is There a Trailer?

Yes! The Limitless trailer dropped on October 6, about a month in advance of the series’ November 16 premiere.