Chris Hemsworth and trainer, Luke Zocchi, working out together.

Meet Luke Zocchi, Chris Hemsworth’s Trainer for “Thor: Love and Thunder”

Hemsworth may wield the hammer, but Zocchi cracks the whip.

National Geographic’s new Disney+ docuseries Limitless with Chris Hemsworth follows the Aussie actor as he tackles a series of challenges in the name of increasing his lifespan, but also his healthspan. The show is a blast; it’s a total thrill watching him scale a 100-foot rope climb, hanging off a helicopter, thousands of feet above the ground, navigate the Australian outback sans GPS, and even “die” at the hands of a death doula.

Hemsworth completes much of this alongside close friend and personal trainer, Luke Zocchi. The two go back (like way back). And throughout Hemsworth’s journey on the show, Zocchi serves as emotional support, comic relief, undertakes some of the stress training, and tries to keep up with Hemsworth’s four-day fast (but rapidly succumbs to pizza).

Who exactly is Luke Zocchi and what does he do? Here’s everything you need to know.

He Braved the Frigid Waters of the Arctic in Limitless

At the hand of extreme athlete Ross Edgley, Hemsworth, Zocchi, and the rest of the clan head for the freezing waters of Norway. In the show, Zocchi can be spotted braving a dip in the ocean in preparation for Hemsworth’s 250-yard open-water swim.

The behind-the-scenes look more like a bro’s weekend than a longevity awakening, but Edgley explains the method is science-backed. Cold exposure can fight inflammaging (1), boost your immune system (2), and improve mental well-being (3) (just a few reasons why plunge tubs and ice baths are all the rage with celebs).

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He’s Responsible For Hemsworth’s Pythons of Arms

Zocchi is famous for sculpting Hemsworth’s impressive superhero physique as seen in Thor: Love and Thunder. In behind-the-scenes footage, he shares the sheer muscle was built over years of grueling training. And from the looks of it, they didn’t have any fun at all in the process.

After lifting heavy, pulling cars, and flipping tires, Zocchi revealed that meal prep was a critical part of the muscle-building process. “He eats 10 meals a day, so that brings him up around 4,500 calories a day,” he says. “The way I go about it is eat until you feel sick.”

Hemsworth isn’t the only A-list celeb Zocchi has worked with. He’s also trained Liam Hemsworth, Cate Blanchett, and Elsa Pataky (Hemsworth’s wife).

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He’s a Whiz in the Kitchen

If you think he takes the gym seriously, check out the guy’s recipes. A scroll through his Instagram account will yield a smattering of simple, healthy recipes like breakfast sandwiches, smoothies, and banana bread, all served with a dose of dry humor.

When it comes to eating healthy, for Zocchi it’s all about discipline. “There are mornings where I want to make a protein pancake, but I just don’t have time,” he told Muscle & Fitness. “But I was able to make something fine, like salmon and eggs on toast, in a couple of minutes. I understand everyone is busy, but you have to figure out how to fit it into your lifestyle.”

He Never Trains Alone

You almost never see Zocchi training alone. His feed is studded with post-workout selfies with greats like Edgley and fellow Centr Fit app founder Bobby Holland Hanton. “I definitely think that people need to find a way to get motivated,” he told Muscle & Fitness. “By gaining knowledge shared by other people’s experiences, it can help you so much.”

Zocchi has even revealed he works out with Hemsworth often to motivate him to finish his workouts. “Sometimes Chris is like, ‘Nah, I’m not doing that.’ And then I just go, ‘Well, you don’t have to do it, but I’ll do it,’” he told People. “Then he’ll obviously do more than me [to] beat me.”

His Fitness App Is Legit

You can find all of Zocchi’s training secrets on the Centr Fit app, a fitness app he co-founded with Hemsworth and Hanton. The app features full access to Hemsworth’s team and includes the Centr Fit Power program—the exact program Zocchi used to get Hemsworth screen-ready for Thor: Love and Thunder.