Celebrities who have had vasectomies

While Nick Cannon Scoffs at Vasectomies, These Celebrities Embraced Getting the Snip.

Because not every guy wants 12 kids.

The jokes about Nick Cannon’s prolific fertility don’t end. The comedic actor and Masked Singer host is on child number 12, a girl named Halo with model Alyssa Scott the couple welcomed in December. Cannon also fathered three other kids in 2022 alone (that we know of), each with a different woman. Now the internet’s calls for Cannon to do something, anything about this reproductive bender are growing more vocal and strenuous.

Host extraordinaire Andy Cohen joined the pile-on, ribbing Cannon during CNN’s New Year’s Eve countdown Saturday night.

“Nick, I mean, you are single-handedly repopulating the Earth. I give it up to you, man. What is your plan here? What is your endgame with the kids?” Cohen asked. “You just want to keep going, or is there a number? Do you want to hit 20? Where are we going with this?”

Now, Cannon is nothing if not self-aware about his predicament (after all, this is the famous dad who made a video joking about the stress of his holiday gift shopping for so many little ones). “Andy, clearly I don’t have a plan,” Cannon said. “Honestly, man, it’s just so much joy and elation to have the family that I have. I embrace it, and I love it, but I don’t have a plan. That should’ve been clear from the jump.”

But Cannon ever so lightly pushed back on those concerned about his seemingly uncontrollable sperm. “My body, my choice,” he joked when Cohen suggested a vasectomy. Guess he’s not drinking vasectomy cocktails with Ryan Reynolds anymore then.

He further advised fellow dads: “Just operate out of love. Some people may say that’s what got us here in the first place, but that’s what I would always do, and always do it with a smile.”

Cannon doesn’t need to opt for a vasectomy, a safe and effective (and permanent) birth control procedure for men cutting off the supply of sperm to semen (with close to 100 percent success in preventing pregnancies). But that hasn’t stopped these other famous dads from calling it quits when it comes to new babies with a simple snip.

Steve-O at a film premier


The Jackass star’s vasectomy may have been poorly timed. “I went through with the procedure and then I did a bunch of hilarious, rigorous things immediately afterward,” he told Us Weekly in February 2022, four years after getting snipped.

Famously fit

Actor Dax Shepard

Dax Shepard

Mr. Kristen Bell took matters into his own hands, getting his vasectomy in May 2016 following a pregnancy scare. (And the Veronica Mars star admitted she was “not thrilled” about the news.) “For eight hours, I was like, imagining my life with all these kids,” Shepard told Jimmy Kimmel of his decision. “That was Tuesday. I flew home Wednesday for a meeting. Thursday morning, I had a vasectomy.”


Erick Decker on the red carpet

Erick Decker

The former NFL wide receiver admitted to feeling a bit crestfallen after making plans to get his vasectomy last year, telling Us Weekly, “It’s a little power being taken. That’s how I feel. I’m a little nervous about it, to be honest.”

Jay Cutler at Miami Dolphins training camp

Jay Cutler

Call this one a strong maybe. But the former NFL quarterback’s wife, Kristen Cavallari, strongly suggested in 2016 that her husband should get snipped after they had three kids. “I don’t think any guy is like, ‘Yes! Please, cut my babies out of me!’” she told Maria Menounos. “But you gotta do what you gotta do.”


Ozzy Osborne Headshot

Ozzy Osborne

The 74-year-old Black Sabbath frontman and zoned-out reality TV star decided he didn’t want more kids in 1986, after he had fathered six (including three with Sharon: Aimee, Kelly, and Jack).

But then he reportedly had his vasectomy reversed after Sharon told him she wanted more offspring. No word, however, on whether Ozzy and Sharon managed to produce one more baby after the reversal. At least Nick Cannon can give him reason to hope.