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Rich Dudes Are Injecting This Into Their Junk for Better Erections

Is the P shot worth the spend?

What if we told you there was a procedure that could instantly make your penis harder and girthier for just $1,000? There’s just a few hitches: It involves injecting your junk and the effects are short-lived, meaning you’re going to be shelling out that cool grand over and over again.

All these things are true of the P Shot (short for Priaprus Shot), a procedures that involves taking blood out of your body, isolating its platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and reinjecting it into your penis.

But the price tag and process and aren’t putting guys off. 

Men with lots of cash are flocking to urologists to get the penis-enhancing procedure, says urological surgeon Lanna Cheuck, D.O., who offers PRP for penile enhancement herself. The demand is so great that she says she trains six new doctors on the procedure every year.


What is the P Shot?

The P Shot was invented by Charles Runels, M.D. in 2010 and currently offered at dozens of doctors’ offices around the country.

During the procedure, blood is taken out of your arm and spun in a centrifuge to separate out the PRP— blood with a high concentration of platelets that form clots and prevent bleeding—which is mixed with saline and injected into your penis (the doctor will apply numbing cream first).

“There are usually two injections, at the 3 and 9 o-clock positions on the head, though some men get extra injections for increased sensitivity,” says Chueck

After the injection, your penis is wrapped in a gauze for healing and sometimes put in a vacuum erection device so that the injection “stays in the tissues a little longer and tells your body to make more growth factors and new blood supply to the penis,” according to Cheuck.

How Does it Work?

PRP contains growth factors, proteins that stimulate cell growth. These rejuvenate the tissue in your member and increase its blood supply.

“When you have ED, one of the main causes is blood flow supply issues,” says Cheuck. “You’re not getting a lot of blood flow to the tissue, so you may get a slight erection, but it’s not durable for penetration.”

PRP injections can correct for this lack of blood flow and help the penile tissue to regrow.


What Are the Effects?

By increasing blood flow to the penis, the P Shot can make erections more readily available.

“After the injection, patients’ erections are firmer, more durable, and they’re able to get an erection quicker,” says Cheuck. 

It’s also possible to gain up to a centimeter of girth each time you get the shot. This effect will be immediate but will probably only be noticeable when the penis is erect.

Some clinics claim that the P Shot helps with other things like ejaculation control and sensitivity, but there isn’t much data behind these claims.

Cheuck says more research is still needed on PRP injections, as most of the research done thus far lacks to scientific “gold standard” of using placebos and assigning research participants to randomized, double-blind conditions — that is, where neither the provider nor the subject themselves knows if they’re getting the real thing or a placebo.

Just one 60-man study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2021 adhered to these standards (1). In this study, 69 percent of men who got the shot, compared to 27 percent of the placebo group, saw significant improvements in erectile function within six months.

Still, Cheuck says, “it’s not something that is 100 percent absolute; it’s one of those procedures where there is a benefit that’s been seen and shown, but it’s not something that’s accepted by insurance.”

OK, But What About the Sex?

One man in his 20s who got the P shot (full disclosure: he works for a clinic that offers the shot), said in a TikTok that apart from being harder and girthier, the biggest benefit of getting the P shot was a reduced refractory period. 

“For me, the main benefit was reduced recovery time…this took my recovery time in half. I used to have to wait like 20 minutes, then it was 10, sometimes it was 5.” (Remember gents, he’s in his 20s).

Guys who don’t work for P shot clinics concur. In a Reddit thread about the P shot, one man who had it wrote that he was “48 and my dick is like it was when I was 18.” Another noted he didn’t see any size gains, but that he can “stay up for round 2.”

How Risky Is the P Shot?

“The risk for PRP for penile enhancement is minimal, I would say less than one percent,” says Cheuck. “You can possibly get some scarring with the needle, but it’s a very small needle.” Pain should be minimal as well, due to the numbing cream.

Another rare but possible risk is priapism, or a prolonged erection in the absence of sexual arousal, which constitutes “a true urologic emergency,” says Cheuck. “You get penile pain, and once you get tissue death after 4-6 hours, that can be irreversible, and then they can never obtain an erection naturally ever again.”

Rest assured, though, that while injections are the most common cause of priapism, it’s “very rare to get a priapism from injecting your own blood factors, unless you have a blood issue,” says Cheuck.

Should You Try It?

It’s your call but if you’re interested in PRP for penile enhancement, Cheuck suggests speaking to a reputable physician who knows about erectile dysfunction and can ensure you are a good candidate.

If you’re using it as a treatment for ED, you’ll have the most success if you have mild to moderate ED.

How Much Does the P Shot Cost?

Each treatment costs around $1,000, and getting it once a month for three months is recommended for the best results. You’ll feel the effects for about six months and will likely need to repeat it if you want them to last. So, the cost can add up.

And it might not even last the full half year. 

“I had this and it was great for about a month and then it fades away,” one man posted in the comments of the above TikTok video. 

If you’re unsure whether the P Shot is for you, you might look into other treatments for erectile dysfunction, including penile botox and shockwave therapy. If your primary goal is size, you might also look into the Penuma implant. Lastly, talking to a sex therapist might be useful to get to the bottom of the issues you’re having in the bedroom and decide on the best course of treatment.

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