Before and After photos of men on TRT

These Jaw-Dropping TRT Transformations Prove Your Life Can Change

Testosterone therapy helped these men lose weight, gain muscle, recapture their libidos and more. How can it help you?

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More than one man on testosterone therapy has said TRT changed—or saved—his life.

Here’s the proof.

Below, stories—and pictures—directly from guys within the Hone community who’ve completely transformed.

You can read how testosterone replacement therapy improved embarrassing or unhealthy symptoms. And see their impressive TRT before and after photos.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle, regain energy, recover a slowing libido, or relief for something else, correcting hormonal imbalances could be your secret weapon.

For these guys, it was.

Take Kevin, who got so uncomfortable after erectile dysfunction episodes that he didn’t have sex with his wife for months. After TRT, his libido is better than ever. (And he even dropped 15 pounds.)

Or Jonathan, who switched from anabolic steroids to TRT and dropped more than 100 pounds. In six months.

As the victim of a 100-mph car crash, Mike was in horrible physical shape. On TRT, he regained 50 pounds of muscle. Now he’s in better shape than before the accident.

The payoff is evident with these testosterone injections before and after photos.

Jonathan Dubovsky
I Lost 130 Pounds in 6 Months

At his heaviest, Jonathan tipped the scales at 360 pounds. He had tried to DIY his hormones with steroids but didn’t feel they were safe enough. 

Six months after starting TRT the 36-year-old was down to 230.  Now, three years into treatment, Jonathan can lift the same weights he did as a 19-year-old competitive lifter.

Kevin Gallagher
I Have the Sex Drive—and Erections—of a Man Half My Age

In his 30s, Kevin started experiencing erectile dysfunction. The embarrassment and shame he felt led him to feel depressed. His work performance decreased, and he gained 30 pounds. 

After starting TRT, Kevin’s libido did a 180. His libido and sex life is back to what it was during his teens. And he shaved off 15 pounds.

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Mike Lee
TRT Helped Me Regain 50 Pounds of Lost Muscle

After getting slammed in a near-fatal head-on crash, Mike needed multiple surgeries and heaps of recovery work to get back on his feet. Over time, he lost 50 pounds. 

In one year, TRT helped the 49-year-old gain it back—in sheer muscle. Here’s Mike’s incredible road to recovery. 

Greg Brickey
I'm 62 and I Can Do My Age in Pushups

A former SWAT police officer, Greg was used to high pressure, physically-demanding situations. At 42, he had a heart attack. Then he discovered his low T. 

After TRT he easily dropped his spare 10 pounds and can do more pull-ups than anyone he knows. And he can crank out his age in pushups alarmingly fast. 

Amadee Irey
I Lost 30 Pounds and My Energy Skyrocketed

Before TRT, just getting through the day was a chore for Amadee. He struggled to focus, hit his usual gym schedule, and notice gains. Worst, he had nothing left for his family at night. 

After 6 months of testosterone injections, he lost 30 pounds, runs 15 miles a week, takes jiu-jitsu, and is training for a Spartan race. Instead of life feeling like something he just had to get through, life feels great. 

Checking your T levels is easy with Hone’s at-home assessment. 

If you have low T, our physicians can help you find your “after.”