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TRT Before and After: These Jaw-Dropping TRT Transformations Prove Your Life Can Change

Testosterone therapy helped these men lose weight, gain muscle, recapture their libidos and more. How can it help you?

More than one man on testosterone therapy has said TRT changed—or saved—his life.

Here’s the proof.

Below, stories—and pictures—directly from guys within the Hone community who’ve completely transformed.

You can read how testosterone replacement therapy improved embarrassing or unhealthy symptoms. And see their impressive TRT before and after photos.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle, regain energy, recover a slowing libido, or relief for something else, correcting hormonal imbalances could be your secret weapon.

For these guys, it was.

Take Kevin, who got so uncomfortable after erectile dysfunction episodes that he didn’t have sex with his wife for months. After TRT, his libido is better than ever. (And he even dropped 15 pounds.)

Or Jonathan, who switched from anabolic steroids to TRT and dropped more than 100 pounds. In six months.

As the victim of a 100-mph car crash, Mike was in horrible physical shape. On TRT, he regained 50 pounds of muscle. Now he’s in better shape than before the accident.

The payoff is evident with these testosterone injections before and after photos.

TRT Before and After Transformations

Jon Dubovsky before and after TRT
Jonathan Dubovsky

I Lost 130 Pounds in 6 Months

At his heaviest, Jonathan tipped the scales at 360 pounds. He had tried to DIY his hormones with steroids but didn’t feel they were safe enough. 

Six months after starting TRT the 36-year-old was down to 230. Now, three years into treatment, Jonathan can lift the same weights he did as a 19-year-old competitive lifter.


I Lost 11 Percent Body Fat and Can Keep Up With The High Schoolers At My Gym

At 68 years old, John’s energy nose-dived. After working out seven days a week for over 40 years, he was struggling to complete three gym sessions a week. 

Since starting TRT, John has lost 11 percent of his body fat, hit new PRs, and can keep up with the weight, pace, and reps of high schoolers at his gym. 


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Before and after photo of a man using TRT

I Lost 70 Pounds and Found My Passion Again

In his early-30’s, Bill toured the East coast as a drummer in his band. By 35, he gained 70 pounds and lost all his energy to juggle his day job and play the drums.

In two years, he lost every pound he gained after starting TRT. He’s in the gym five days a week and plays the drums with as much intensity as when he was 31.


Comparison photo showing physical differences after using Testosterone Therapy

TRT Helped Me Regain 50 Pounds of Lost Muscle

After getting slammed in a near-fatal head-on crash, Mike needed multiple surgeries and heaps of recovery work to get back on his feet. Over time, he lost 50 pounds. 

In one year, TRT helped the 49-year-old gain it back—in sheer muscle. Here’s Mike’s incredible road to recovery. 


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Photo showing weight differences after being on TRT

I’m Down 110 Pounds–and Fit in a Medium T–After TRT

At 50-years old, Eric weighed 315 pounds. He had no energy to work out, constantly ate junk food, and hated shopping at his local DXL for clothes that fit.

After one year of testosterone injections, he lost 110 pounds. He works out every day and has more muscle definition than ever before. And he dropped 5 shirt sizes.



Brian’s before and after TRT photo

I Shed 50 Pounds and Have Energy Like I’m 25

When Brian was in the military, he struggled to put on weight. Ten years later, he weighed 285 pounds and relied on two energy drinks just to start his day.

After one year of testosterone injections, Brian is down 50 pounds and his waist size dropped from 48 to 38 inches. His energy improved so much, he cut out all caffeine and works out with military-like intensity.


Photo of Kevin’s before and after Testosterone Replacement Therapy

I Have the Sex Drive—and Erections—of a Man Half My Age

In his 30s, Kevin started experiencing erectile dysfunction. The embarrassment and shame he felt led him to feel depressed. His work performance decreased, and he gained 30 pounds. 

After starting TRT, Kevin’s libido did a 180. His libido and sex life is back to what it was during his teens. And he shaved off 15 pounds.


TRT 101

Photo of before and after Testosterone Replacement Therapy

I Put On 10 Pounds of Muscle and Have More Definition

At 40-years old, Mark noticed his strength decline. Ten squat reps at 315 pounds quickly dropped to two and he was working out with 25 percent energy.

After starting testosterone injections, Mark packed on 10 pounds of solid lean muscle. His clothes got tighter and he now fills out a large shirt. He has more muscle definition than ever before and his energy levels are through the roof.


Before and after testosterone replacement therapy

I Lost 120 Pounds and Have a New Outlook on Life

During his time in the Army, Jimison was 220 pounds of solid lean muscle. After his low T symptoms hit, his energy plummeted and he weighed 340 pounds at his heaviest.

Five years into TRT, Jimison is back down to a lean 220 pounds—a 120-pound weight loss transformation. He dropped three shirt sizes and four pant sizes and now has a completely new outlook on life.


I Lost 30 Pounds and My Energy Skyrocketed

Before TRT, just getting through the day was a chore for Amadee. He struggled to focus, hit his usual gym schedule, and notice gains. Worst, he had nothing left for his family at night. 

After 6 months of testosterone injections, he lost 30 pounds, runs 15 miles a week, takes jiu-jitsu, and is training for a Spartan race. Instead of life feeling like something he just had to get through, life feels great. 


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Photo showing weight differences after being on TRT

I Lost 25 Pounds and Feel 10 Years Younger

In his late 30’s, Jason felt intense fatigue and every day felt like pushing a boulder uphill. His energy levels dropped so low that his workouts suffered, his diet turned to heavy carbs, and he gained 30 pounds.

Two years of testosterone injections and 45-year old Jason feels like he’s 30 again. He’s in the gym four times a week and can power through full-body workouts. He also puts protein first, and has lost 25 pounds so far. His energy is fully back to play with his kids, spend time with his wife, and take care of himself.


Photo showing weight differences after being on TRT

I’m Down 60 Pounds and in the Best Shape of My Life

At 53, Scott developed intense fatigue which made his job as a first responder incredibly difficult. While he tried to clean up his diet and exercise more, fatigue made it harder for him to motivate himself to stick with a healthy lifestyle.

After starting TRT, Scott dropped 60 pounds, vanquished his fatigue, and is reinvigorated at work. At 57, he’s now in the best shape of his life.


man before and after trt treatment

I Broke Through a Plateau and Lost 90 Pounds

In 2016, Greg tipped the scale at 670 pounds and was advised that he needed to “get busy dying, or get busy living.” By 2020, he lost 260 pounds. But as his weight loss slowed down, he needed to push past a plateau to meet his fitness goals. 

Since starting TRT, he’s lost an additional 90 pounds. Now at 40 years old, Greg weights under 400 pounds for the first time in 25 years.


TRT Helped Me Recover My Energy Levels in My 20s

As a competitive powerlifter, Doug ate a high-protein diet and trained hard in the gym everyday. But in his mid-twenties, his energy levels took a nose dive. 

When he asked his GP to test his hormone levels, he accused him of trying to juice. It took him a year before he could find a doctor willing to test his T levels and treat his low testosterone. Ten years later, Doug is still on TRT. And he’s still competing—now as a bodybuilder. 


transformation story of ben maynard

TRT Helped Me Lose Fat and Gain Muscle at the Same Time

After seeing shirtless pictures of himself on a tropical vacation, Benjamin knew he wanted to make a change. At 39 years old, he was 235 pounds and his body fat was at 27.4 percent. He also struggled with depression, irritability, and low energy.

After losing 20 pounds on his own through rigorous diet and exercise, Benjamin decided to start TRT to optimize his fitness journey. Now, he weights 190 and has just 9.4 percent body fat.