I Dropped 70 Pounds and Went From Aging Rocker to Rock God

TRT helped me lose weight and regain the energy I needed as a drummer.

At 31, I was 140 pounds of pure drumming energy. That year—2016—my bandmates and I toured up and down the East coast playing rock and metal. At our biggest gig (Warped Tour in Montreal) I felt unstoppable as we played for thousands of screaming fans.

Then almost overnight, my energy levels crashed and my weight started to climb. Within two years I put on 40 pounds.

I worked in call centers during the day and rehearsed or gigged at night. I could never get enough sleep and felt like garbage every morning.

After one local concert, I was so drained I could barely break down my drum set. Once I finally made it down three flights of stairs into my band’s trailer, I had nothing left to help my bandmates with their gear.

TRT Transformation Stories

The Beat Stopped

By 2018, juggling my day job with my dream felt impossible. It depressed me to think I had to give up on my passion.

During a rehearsal I got into an argument with my band’s guitarist. He was upset that my tempo was lagging. The truth is I didn’t have the energy to keep up.

It was the final straw. I left the studio and packed my drums away in the closet.

When I told my dad about what was going on, he suggested I get my T levels checked. He shared that he was being treated with testosterone cream for low energy and irritability and that it had really helped him, so I made an appointment with my GP.

When I got there, my doctor brushed me off. He said at my age, low T couldn’t be an issue. He wouldn’t even test my levels.

Every day was a struggle to get up. I desperately tried to find the energy to work out and would occasionally run a few miles, only to be drained and couch-bound after. I cooked healthy meals and didn’t snack on junk food, but I still piled on 30 more pounds.

By the time I was 35, I weighed 210 pounds. I felt depressed and alone. I started drinking more and most nights would end up passed out.

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Back Behind the Drums

I knew I couldn’t live like this and started researching low energy and unexpected weight gain in men under 40.

During this online research, I saw an ad for Hone Health. I was apprehensive given my previous encounter with my doctor. Plus, I was worried about some of the things I’d read about TRT, like that it was somehow cheating to use testosterone. But I had nothing to lose.

My first test came back at 130 ng/dL and my doctor—who squashed all misconceptions about testosterone therapy—put me on TRT.


Two months in, I woke up one morning and hopped right out of bed. I ran to the closet, and pulled out my drums.

For the first time in 2 years, I sat behind my set. As I played “Again and Again” by Taproot, I felt alive, banging out the metal beat like I was on tour again.

I’ve been on TRT for 2 years and have lost 70 pounds.

I work out 5 days a week doing both functional exercises and compound movements, like squats and deadlifts. At the end of every workout I run a few miles or walk on a steep incline for 15 minutes. When I need a break from the gym I go on 5-plus mile long hikes.

With my weight down and my energy up, I’m drumming with as much intensity as I was at 31 and am looking forward to getting back on the road and touring again.

Checking your T levels is easy with Hone’s at-home assessment. You can knock it out before your AM coffee. 

If you have low T, our physicians can help you find your “after.”