Photo showing weight differences after being on TRT

I Lost 100 Pounds and 5 Shirt Sizes With TRT

I went from 3XL to medium shirts in a year.

As a former defensive lineman (I played college football and professionally overseas), I’ve always been on the bigger, more muscular side. At the peak of my athletic game, I was 5’8” and 210 pounds. But when I turned 45, my weight started to creep up.

In the span of a few months I put on 25 pounds. I tried to exercise it off but my energy was so low that my workouts lacked intensity.

Over the next few years my weight continued to climb. When I hit 250 pounds, I had to start shopping at DXL, my local big and tall store. Buying larger and larger clothes was depressing—and expensive.

By the time I turned 50, I weighed 285 pounds. I coach football at Cabrillo College in California and jogging from one end of the field to the other left me winded. I figured that I was just getting older.

TRT Transformation Stories

I Couldn’t Stop Gaining

When the pandemic hit, the college shut down. My routine abruptly stopped. I had more time on my hands but lacked the energy to do any kind of physical activity.

Instead, I ate constantly. I’d park myself in front of the TV and binge-watch Netflix while snacking on chips, soda, and frozen pizzas.

There was a DoorDash delivery guy at our house 6 nights a week and my portion control went out the window. Not only would I order two full meals some nights, but I started drinking almost every night—4 or 5 glasses of wine was my new norm.

By June 2021, I tipped the scale at 315.

In an effort to lose weight, my wife and I took daily mile-long walks on the beach. By the time I got back and climbed the 40-steps up to my front door, I was so tired I had to lie down for an hour to recover.

Checking your T levels is easy with Hone’s at-home assessment. You can knock it out before your AM coffee. 

If you have low T, our physicians can help you find your “after.”

From 3XL to Medium

In the Fall of 2021, I knew I needed to change. My weight was out of hand, I was concerned for my health, and was tired of being depressed. I researched things that can make men gain weight with age and one article mentioned low testosterone.

It was an ah-ha moment.

Diving into low T further, I stumbled on an ad for Hone Health.

I was skeptical at first and wondered if I could trust what I read online. Hone felt too good to be true. The more I read about Hone’s at-home test and online physician consultation, I realized it was my best option. I ordered a test and signed up for the Hone Community, an online hub for customers to connect, ask questions, and support each other through treatment. It was exactly what I needed.

Many of the guys were talking about weight gain and how TRT helped them lose it.

After reading stories from other men with low testosterone, I was comfortable sending in my test. When my levels came back at 313 ng/dL, my doctor prescribed TRT.

Eric Gerlach trt transformation before after

Within the first month, I lost 15 pounds and felt like a new person. I started working out with a personal trainer and wasn’t winded by the workouts.

I’ve now been on TRT for close to a year. I’ve lost 110 pounds and work out every day. I have more muscle definition, especially in my arms and shoulders.

The last time I went to the store (Kohls, not DXL!) I bought a medium shirt.

Running down the football field is effortless again and I’m back doing drills with my team. I run circles around my 19 and 20-year old athletes and feel like I can suit up and play every practice.

Now that I’m at a healthy weight again, I’m a better coach and husband. I feel as strong as I did when I was playing college ball.

Checking your T levels is easy with Hone’s at-home assessment. You can knock it out before your AM coffee. 

If you have low T, our physicians can help you find your “after.”