Kevin Gallagher, before and after TRT

I Have the Sex Drive of a Man Half My Age Because of TRT

My libido did a complete 180.

The first time I couldn’t perform in bed, I didn’t think much of it. I thought maybe I drank too much or I had a stressful day at work. But after a few more weak erections, sex made me anxious.

It felt like the classic “it’s not you, it’s me” scenario. I would get erect for two minutes, only to go soft in the middle of sex. Then I’d start sweating profusely from embarrassment.

Of course, my wife took notice. She knew something was wrong, but she isn’t someone to force an issue. Instead she tried everything she could to keep me going but I could tell she was discouraged by the look on her face.

In an effort to feel more like a “man,” I sought my own solutions. Every week I’d walk into 7/11, grab whatever erectile dysfunction pill was on the shelf, and pray it would help.

When none of them worked I tried testosterone boosters from supplement companies. They proved to be a waste as well.

TRT Transformation Stories

Despite my poor performance, we managed to get pregnant. But after our first child was born, other symptoms crept in.

I had no energy. I gained 30 pounds. I noticed decreased work performance and was completely drained, especially after a 12 hour shift.

I was a nurse, so I suspected low testosterone. I made an appointment with my primary care doctor, who tested my levels. He shrugged off my low levels and told me I was fine.

I was so embarrassed and anxious that I started to avoid sex altogether.

It was a miracle if my wife and I would do it once every three to four months. It was depressing for both of us but it felt out of my control. I felt I had nowhere to turn.

Will Testosterone Help With ED?

About a year after that visit to my doctor, I started looking up low testosterone on the Internet. Whatever algorithm Google works with changed my life. An ad for Hone Health popped up and with nothing to lose, I took the test. It confirmed I had low testosterone; my levels were 256ng/dL.

Before making the video appointment to talk with a Hone doctor, I had an honest conversation with my wife. She’s my rock and I needed to make sure we both knew what I was getting into. I knew being on TRT could make it harder to have kids, but after discussing the options with her, we agreed that starting treatment was the right thing to do.

TRT and Fertility

TRT helps relieve symptoms of low T, but it can affect fertility by decreasing your sperm count. Infertility caused by TRT is not permanent, however, and you should talk with your doctor about your options. Other meds, like Clomid, can relieve symptoms of low T while protecting fertility.

My Erections Are Stronger Than Ever

It’s been over a year and a half since starting TRT and my sex life has done a 180. Two weeks after starting treatment, I initiated sex for the first time in 6 months and was able to perform.

We now have sex once or twice a week. Some sessions are fairly long because I can now last longer. Those require more rest in between on both our parts. A quicker session may see faster bounce back. We’re back to joking, flirting, and playing around because sexual dysfunction is a thing of the past.

At 43, I’m also sleeping better, have dropped 15 pounds, and have energy to play with my kids.

I am so glad I made the decision to become a Hone customer. My wife is too.

Checking your T levels is easy with Hone’s at-home assessment. You can knock it out before your AM coffee.