Books recommended by Andrew Huberman lined up on green background

Become a Master of Longevity With Andrew Huberman’s Best Book Recommendations

Take a page from the neuroscientist’s book.

If there’s anyone whose reading list we envy, it’s Dr. Andrew Huberman’s. As a highly acclaimed neuroscientist, he’s got his finger on the pulse of the latest and greatest books on brain health and longevity. While he’s not shy about sharing his favorite reads on the Huberman Lab podcast and his social media pages, racking your brain to remember what they are is often the biggest mind test.

Which is why we did the heavy lifting for you.

Every Andrew Huberman-recommended book offers something for health fanatics, from harnessing your circadian rhythm for optimal well-being to taming your compulsive need for overindulgence. Plus, how to focus without distraction when life demands your complete attention.

If your reading list could use a refresh, check out these book recommendations from Andrew Huberman. You’ll score a fascinating read and uplevel your health at the same time.

The Best Books Recommended by Andrew Huberman