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The Best Prime Day Deal Is a Heavily Discounted Apple Watch

Apple's Series 7 Watch is marked down 30 percent on Prime Day, good for a savings of more than $100.

Fast Facts

  • The Apple Watch Series 7s—both the 41 and 45mm variants—are marked down by about $115. 

If we’re being honest with ourselves, Prime Day can feel a little underwhelming. Loads of products on Amazon are marked down, but it almost always turns out to be stuff you don’t want or isn’t discounted enough to bother. 

Here’s an exception: the Apple Watch Series 7—the 41mm and 45mm variants—are both marked down by $115. Here’s what you need to know. 

What’s the Apple Watch 7?

Apple released the Series 7 watch in October 2021, so it’s roughly nine months old at this point. The biggest upgrades from previous generations to the 7 are a larger screen, longer-lasting battery, more durable build, and an array of health-minded sensors like a blood-oxygen reader, a sleep tracker, and even electrocardiogram test functionality. There are also loads of accessories and add-ons you can use to turn up the usefulness. 

Which Apple Watch 7s Are on Sale? 

Between watch size, color, and feature set, there are quite a few versions of the Apple Watch Series 7. All the 7s are marked down for Prime Day, but the non-cellular versions are discounted more. 

Apple Watch 7 (41mm)

The first is the Apple Watch 7 41mm. It is the GPS “style” rather than the GPS + Cellular. This means the watch on sale cannot receive texts or calls independently. It can receive them when using the same Wi-Fi as the connected iPhone or in close proximity, though, so it’s less of a loss as it may initially seem. This is also the 41mm face size, which is just about the size of your typical watch face. The watch usually sells for $399 and is on sale for $284 (29 percent off).

Apple Watch 7 (45mm)

A 45mm version is also on sale. This watch, typically preferred by folks with larger wrists or weaker eyes, is usually $429 but is marked down to $314. Like the on-sale 41mm, this watch does not support cellular data, so you’ll need to be sharing Wi-Fi or nearby your iPhone to receive calls and texts. 

The Bottom Line

If you’ve been looking for the moment to buy an Apple Watch, this Prime Day deal may be it, especially if calling and texting from the device isn’t as important as some of the other functions, like health monitoring or sleep tracking.