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Deodorant for Your Balls: 13 Picks to Beat the Stench

Put down the cologne.


ummer is right around the corner. That means sitting on long flights on the way to family vacation, mowing the lawn, and spending hours in the heat at the neighborhood barbecue. Unfortunately, warmer weather can also welcome uncomfortable sweat in your nether regions. 

Swamp crotch is annoying. But prolonged dampness creates the ideal environment for fungus and bacteria to grow. Enter: jock itch, an uncomfortable rash caused by an overgrowth of bacteria around the penis. 

No one has time for five showers a day, and regular cologne can be irritating—not to mention hormone-disrupting (1)—on your freshly manscaped family jewels. Instead, try one of these antiperspirant ball deodorants to keep things feeling dry and stench-free during all of your summer activities.

And because balls are inherently funny we scoured the internet for the most effusive and hilarious one-liners about each product. You’re welcome.

The 13 Best Deodorants for Balls