Repeating pattern of Bearaby weighted blanket

Bearaby’s Cotton Napper Is Worth Every Penny

It’s the internet’s favorite weighted blanket for a reason.

When weighted blankets started gaining popularity a few years ago, I thought they were a total gimmick at first. As a generally anxious person, I was skeptical that laying with a heavy blanket on me could really be as relaxing as the yoga classes and meditation classes I depended on to keep me feeling calm. Then, I was gifted a 15-pound Bearaby Cotton Napper ($249) and I quickly understood what all the hype was about.

What Is a Bearaby Weighted Blanket?

Bearaby’s Cotton Napper is a weighted blanket that’s made from a hand-knit blend of 95 percent organic cotton and 5 percent spandex. Unlike traditional weighted blankets, which get their heft from filling (usually poly pellets or glass beads), Bearaby’s Weighted Blankets get their soothing weight from layers upon layers of fabric, which allows for more even pressure.


The Cotton Napper comes in four weights: 10-, 15-, 20-, and 25-pounds, and six different colorways, making it one of the more customizable weighted blankets on the market. The brand recommends selecting a blanket that’s about ten percent of your bodyweight in order to get the most benefits (if you’re between weights, go with the higher one). The blanket’s dimensions get slightly bigger as you go up in weight, but all of them are designed for a single person, for reference. If you want a weighted blanket that will cover your entire bed, check out Bearaby’s Hugger ($399), a Queen/King-size option.


  • Stylish design
  • Even pressure
  • Multiple weight options
  • Soft material
  • Machine washable


  • Expensive
  • Bulky
  • Difficult to store

My Review of the Bearaby Weighted Blanket

The first time I climbed under my Cotton Napper, I was impressed; its 15 pounds of pressure truly did feel relaxing, and I started getting tired. I now know that’s because weighted blankets are designed to mimic the feeling of being hugged or swaddled (1), which is thought to help ease feelings of anxiety and stress. I’ve since tried other weighted blankets but I keep coming back to my Bearaby because I find that it creates the most soothing effect. Other designs that are filled with glass beads or poly pellets tend to shift around as you move, creating uneven pressure that doesn’t feel as great.

Another reason why I’m such a fan of the Bearaby Weighted Blanket is that it looks great sitting on my couch. The chunky knit design looks more like a normal chunky knit blanket than an eyesore. In fact, I’ve gotten multiple compliments on it over the past three years and friends ask to use it almost every time they come over.

I also prefer my Bearaby Weighted Blanket over other brands because of its breathability. While the blanket is heavy, the hand-knit style allows for natural ventilation that keeps me cool throughout the night—a must for a hot sleeper. I’ve woken up sweaty on multiple occasions when using other weighted blankets, but that’s never the case with my Bearaby.

My main complaint about the Cotton Napper? It’s bulky, so it’s difficult to store if you want it out of sight and out of mind for any reason. I live in a studio apartment with limited seating, so sometimes I want to put the Bearaby Weighted Blanket in the closet to create more room on the couch, but doing so is a grueling process due to its shape and size. Plus, when it’s finally in the closet it takes up an entire shelf which isn’t exactly ideal.

The other downside to the Bearaby Weighted Blanket is its price tag. Starting at $199 and going all the way to $249 for the heaviest version, this certainly isn’t the most affordable weighted blanket on the market. You can easily find a decent weighted blanket for around $50 at Amazon (though it certainly won’t look or feel as nice as a Bearaby one). But honestly, if you can afford it, the daily comfort the Cotton Napper brings is worth every penny.

Where to Buy a Bearaby Weighted Blanket

The most obvious place to buy a Bearaby Weighted Blanket is on the brand’s website, where it’s currently in stock in all sizes and shades. Bearaby also offers free shipping, so you don’t have to worry about paying a small fortune to get it to your door. That said, you can also find the Cotton Napper in stock at Nordstrom, Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Goop. The blanket’s price is consistent no matter where you shop, so it’s really a matter of choosing where the color and size you want is in stock. If you want to see the Cotton Napper firsthand before buying it, check to see if your local Nordstrom has it in stock—the retailer carries it in-store in select locations.

Discount codes and sales

Finding a Bearaby Weighted Blanket on sale is next to impossible. The brand never holds sales or offers discounts, so your best bet for scoring a deal is waiting for a savings event at one of the other retailers we mentioned above. You can also check resale sites like eBay if you’d rather not pay full price.


Is Bearaby a good weighted blanket?

After owning one for the past three years, I can confidently say that Bearaby makes great weighted blankets. The brand’s weighted blankets are high-quality, calm-inducing, and look great draped over your couch or along the end of your bed. But you don’t just have to take my word for it—the Cotton Napper has also amassed over 2,000 positive reviews from customers who say it helps them fall asleep faster and get their “best night’s sleep ever.” “I’m amazed at how well it works. I’ve been falling asleep faster and into a deep sleep dreaming quicker and much more often,” one reviewer adds.

How to wash a Bearaby blanket

Good news: According to Bearaby, all of its weighted blankets can be cleaned in the washing machine. You can’t just throw your Cotton Napper in with your dirty clothes, though. Instead, the brand recommends washing it separately in cool water on the delicate or permanent press cycle. It also suggests using gentle detergent and avoiding fabric softener and bleach. Then, tumble dry it on low heat (and keep in mind that it may take multiple cycles for your weighted blanket to dry completely). And make sure to never hang your Bearaby Weighted Blanket to dry, as this will cause it to stretch out and lose its shape.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to comfort, aesthetics, and quality, Bearaby’s Cotton Napper is unmatched. While it’s a bit of an investment upfront, you’ll get tons of use out of it and never have to bother trying out another weighted blanket again.

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