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If You Wake Up Sweating, Try Cooling Sheets

Did you know that the National Sleep Foundation advises keeping your thermostat set to somewhere between 60 and 67°F each night for optimal sleep? Even if you do adhere to those guidelines, however, some people are just hotter sleepers than others. When it comes to getting a restful night’s sleep as a person who runs hot, cooling sheets are absolutely essential. Before diving into the products, let’s go over what to look for when it comes to cooling sheets.

Material: When possible, opt for natural materials like cotton, linen, or bamboo, which are typically better at regulating temperature than synthetic fabrics.
Thread count: The National Sleep Foundation recommends choosing sheets with a thread count between 200 and 400.

Without further ado, eight of the best cooling sheets on the market right now, whether you’re on a budget, you and your partner run completely different temperatures, or you’re curious about eco-friendly materials.

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The Best Cooling Sheets for Hot Sleepers

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