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The Best Office Chairs from Ikea, Ranked

Ikea's catalog of home office and desk chairs of broad and, for the most part, not very good. These are the best (and worst) options for your spine.

Of the many things the pandemic brought on the world, a relatively good one was a recognition that working long hours from a chair in the dining room (or the sofa, or the bed) is not a good idea. You see, the body is fragile—your head is effectively a bowling ball strapped to your neck by a series of relatively weak muscles, soft tissue, and some bone. This makes any position in which the head is not perfectly supported by the rest of the body a compromising one that can cause pain in the neck, back, and even hips and legs. Hence the need for an ergonomically sound desk or office chair.

There are literally hundreds of places to shop for one, but for many, the first place to look is the blue-and-yellow Swedish giant: Ikea. Ikea has dozens of office chair designs. Most are not great for your body (as you’ll soon find out),  but a select few look like they were designed by someone who was thinking about the wellbeing of the customer rather than creating a sub-$100 chair. Having sat in nearly every desk chair Ikea has to offer, I’ve gathered the best for you here, plus some that won’t actively hurt your back. Here’s how they shake up.

The Best Ikea Desk Chairs for Your Body, Ranked