You’ll Never Drink Clumpy Protein Again With These Shaker Bottles

No more accidental dry scooping.
By Rebekah Harding
May 22, 2024

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Since prioritizing a high-protein diet, I’ve tried all sorts of ways to get my macros just right. One tried and true method of getting enough of the muscle-building molecule without cooking: protein shakes. 

As much as I love the convenience of protein shakes, my frustration with protein shaker bottles is never-ending. Some leave pockets of unmixed powder, subjecting me to unintentional dry scooping. Others are impossible to clean. And some just can’t seem to survive the trip to the gym without leaking every time I drive over a pothole. Plus, I’m extra cautious about chemicals like BPAs.

After years of searching, I’ve found the Goldilocks of shakers that’ll give you convenient, clump-free mixes—without much hassle after you finish.

Why You Should Trust Us

Hone Health is a team of health-obsessed journalists, editors, fitness junkies, medical reviewers, and product testers. Between me, an avid gym go-er and health writer who swears by a high-protein diet, and my partner, a bodybuilder and certified personal trainer, tens of shaker bottles have been tried and tested in my home.

What to Look for in a Protein Shaker Bottle

Easy to clean

No one wants to spend minutes meticulously shaking, scrubbing, and detailing your shaker bottle with dish soap after you crushed a high-intensity arm day at the gym. Unfortunately, many shaker bottles are notoriously hard to clean.

When looking for a shaker bottle, we value a design without those tough-to-reach crevices that somehow always get caked with left-over protein powder or pre-workout—no matter how hard you scrub.

Free from toxins

Like any plastic bottle, some protein shakers run the risk of containing BPA—a chemical that has been linked to infertility, hormone disruption, and low sex drive (1, 2). (Which, frankly, produces the complete opposite result of why so many of us hit the gym.)

While gym go-ers—who avidly meal prep in Tupperware, chug protein out of shakers, and tote plastic water jugs—may be at a particularly high risk for exposure, this isn’t a niche problem. Around 93 percent of American adults have some BPA in their bodies right now, according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Science (1). Yeah, that’s bad. 

Research suggests that your body eliminates BPA through urine within 24 hours of exposure, some evidence suggests that trace amounts could be stored in your fat and other tissues for longer (3).  

When scouring the internet—or your local sporting goods store—for a protein shaker, keep your eyes peeled for certified BPA-free bottles to lower your exposure.


Clump-free blends

There are few things more disgusting than tipping back an aggressively oscillated protein shake at the gym, only to get a mouthful of viscous, unmixed protein sludge. 

To guarantee silky shakes, protein bottles should have a blending apparatus—like a wire agitator or electric mixer—included in the design. However, some brands (like my personal favorite, the Helimix) have figured out how to achieve that without extra parts. 

Below are our picks that fit all the parameters for a great shaker bottle. 

The Best Protein Shaker Bottles

1. Helimix 2.0

Editor’s Pick

The Helimix is the protein shaker to end all protein shakers. Since purchasing it in December, I haven’t touched the others in my cabinet.

This protein shaker is shaped like a vortex, which magically blends even the most stubborn protein powders seamlessly—without minutes-long aggressive shaking. My arms have never thanked me more.

The vortex design also makes it easy to clean. Just add dish soap and water, shake, and rinse. No need to try and cram your old dishbrush into any corners. You can even throw it in the top rack of your dishwasher without risking a meltdown.

It also comes in a ton of different colors, which is a huge plus for those of us who enjoy matching all of our gym gear.

Sizes: 20 and 28 ounce

BPA-Free: Yes

2. Brumate Multishaker

Best insulated shaker

While I’ll tolerate lukewarm shakes, they aren’t my favorite. Worse yet, when the ice melts in the hot car cup holder on the way to the gym, watery protein isn’t much better.

This insulated protein shaker by Brumate keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours—if you forget to bring your bottle inside from the car, you won’t be dealing with curdled milk products the next morning.

This stainless steel bottle has a durable silicon handle for easy transport, interior volume markings for convenient measurements, and a built-in agitator that doubles as an infusor if you want to use the shaker for loose-leaf tea.

Sizes: 26 ounce

BPA-Free: Yes

3. Gymbolt Blender

3. Gymbolt Blender

Easiest to clean

This self-cleaning shaker bottle makes the post-gym clean-up seamless. The electric agitator—which doubled as a protein mixer—also cleans the bottle after you finish your shake. Just add soap and water and turn it on. 

Even with all of its tech, this bottle is still lightweight, quiet, and durable. The Gymbolt is leakproof, comes with a handy carry loop, and has a twist-free drinking lid.

Just remember to charge your bottle with the included USB cord. Every 2 hours of charging lasts for around 15 blends. 

Sizes: 22 ounce

BPA-Free: Yes

4. Bare Organics Wheat Shaker Bottle with Mixer Ball

Best eco-friendly shaker

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint? This shaker bottle is made from sustainably sourced, biodegradable wheat straw—so if you ever toss it, it won’t end up in the landfill for centuries.

It’s not only sustainable—the Bare Organics shaker bottle is also designed with function in mind, including a detachable cap basket mixer. The leakproof cap is made without a rubber seal, so you don’t have to worry about debris getting trapped in any crevices.

Better yet, it’s also dishwasher safe.

Sizes: 23.7 ounce

BPA-Free: Yes

5. BlenderBottle ProStak

Best with powder storage

If you like to visit the gym after work, mixing your protein powder in the morning can lead to a nasty, clumpy mixture by midday. Instead, opting for a bottle with a powder storage compartment makes it easier to enjoy a fresh blend when you’re ready for your shake.

The ProStak comes with interlocking 150 cc and 100 cc containers and a pill compartment (so your supplements can tag along) that easily attach to the 20-ounce shaker.

All compartments are dishwasher safe and feature measurement markings, too. Pop in the included wire whisk to get a clump-free blend.

Sizes: 20 ounce

BPA-Free: Yes

6. Voltrx Vortex

Best electric shaker

If you’re a lazy protein lover, an electric shaker bottle is your best friend. With a press of a button, the Voltrx Vortex shaker creates a whirlpool that blends your protein powder into a silky texture. Just two hours of charge lasts for a month of blending.

For those of us who tend to fling our gym bags beside the equipment before a quick set, this mixer gets bonus points for being shatter-resistant. And it comes with a one-year warranty just in case.

Sizes: 24 ounce

BPA-Free: Yes

7. Promixx PURSUIT Protein Shaker

Best value

You don’t have to spend a pretty penny to get a good quality shaker bottle. The Promixx PURSUIT shaker is just under $10 and comes with a lifetime warranty.

It’s impact and odor-resistant, and leakproof. Plus, it’s BPA-free, which is a rare find when it comes to cheap, plastic bottles.

Sizes: 24 and 32 ounce

BPA-Free: Yes

8. BlenderBottle Strada

Best leakproof

Is there anything worse than reaching into your gym bag between sets, only for your hands to make contact with a puddle of grainy, lukewarm protein?

The Strada by BlenderBottle has a locking lid that can be opened with the push of a button, but remains spill-proof while your shaker tumbles around inside your bag.

This BPA-free bottle is also vacuum-insulated to keep your drinks cool.

Sizes: 24 ounce

BPA-Free: Yes

9. Shakesphere Tumbler

Best luxury option

This stainless steel tumbler by Shakesphere is the Cadillac of protein shakers. The capsule shape is corner-free (which means no crevices for powder to stick to) and easy to clean. Plus, the slide cap prevents leaks, guaranteed by the brand.

The matte black coating also makes the bottle look luxurious, which is a bonus if that’s your thing.

One of the coolest features is the blade-free fruit blending function, which mixes soft fruits like berries without the need to reach for your blender. Your protein shakes aren’t just confined to standard flavors like chocolate or vanilla.

Sizes: 24.6 ounce

BPA-Free: Yes

10. IceShaker

10. IceShaker

Safe for hot liquids

Don’t let the name fool you—this Shark Tank alum doesn’t just keep cold drinks chilly. Unlike some insulated bottles, you can also safely put hot liquids in it.

The IceShaker comes in 40 different colors and patterns and is designed with odor-resistant steel. Each bottle has a silicon base to resist bumps and spills. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe.

Sizes: 26 ounce

BPA-Free: Yes

11. Ghost Logo Shaker

Best color options

If you ask Joey Swoll, the gym isn’t a fashion show. But we won’t knock you for making a stylish statement while you work out.

These shakers by the trendy sports nutrition brand Ghost come in seven different designs, all featuring electric, sneaker-inspired colors and Ghost’s logo (which is a ghost, if you hadn’t guessed). Each bottle comes with a wire whisk to blend your powders for clump-free shakes. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Sizes: 28 ounce

BPA-Free: Yes

12. Takeya Chill-Lock Steel Protein Shaker

Best shaker ball

Classic, metal agitator balls that come with many protein shakers are annoying to clean, and frankly don’t work all that well. This shaker bottle by Takeya comes with a patented nylon agitator, with an open three-prong design that doesn’t get caked with protein mix while it blends.

The bottle is designed with an extra-wide mouthpiece, which makes chugging thick shakes or smoothies easier. Plus, it’s insulated so your drink stays cool through your workout. 

Sizes: 16 and 24 ounce

BPA-Free: Yes

13. Simple Modern Rally Protein Shaker

Most cup holder-friendly

If you’re a treadmill runner, you know the importance of having a bottle that fits seamlessly into the cup holder. This bottle by Simple Modern is slim and tappers down towards the bottom, making it cup holder-friendly. It comes with a wire mixer and is made with stainless steel. To clean, add dish soap and water and give it a shake. 

Measurement markers on the inside make it easy to tell how much protein you’re actually chugging, too.

Sizes: 24 ounce

BPA-Free: Yes