Man looking at computer screen in office

Protect Your Eyes From Sleep-Depriving Blue Light With These 5 Screen Protectors

Whether you’re a midnight doom scroller or you’re on your computer 12+ hours per day.

Anyone who’s glued to a screen 24/7 should beware of the damaging effects of blue light. Especially if sleep isn’t in your vocabulary, without a stack of supplements, bed cooling devices, and weighted sleep masks.

But what, exactly, is blue light? And how does it affect you negatively? Read on for all of that, plus some of the best blue light screen protectors around.

What Is Blue Light?

The term “blue light” refers to a portion of the visible spectrum found in sunlight and smartphone and computer screens. Getting a hit of blue light in the morning is beneficial because it boosts mood and alertness. It also regulates your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle (also known as your circadian rhythm) (1).

If you stare at the blue light of your computer screen or smartphone late into the day, you could be sabotaging your sleep. That’s because blue light prevents your body from releasing melatonin, the hormone that makes you drowsy (2).

Avoiding all screens in the evening is a tough sell, even if it promises better sleep. Fortunately, you can unwind with your favorite show or catch up on social media without sacrificing Zzzs. How? With a blue light screen protector.

This protector sticks to your screen to filter out sleep-disrupting blue light. With less blue light entering your eyes, you can keep using your tech without worrying that it’ll keep you up at night. Blue light screen protectors even come in all shapes and sizes, so you can cover every screen in your home.

The 5 Best Blue Light Screen Protectors