branch verve chair in white

This Might Be the Best Office Chair You Can Buy for Less than $500

Branch's Verve office chair isn't cheap, but it is a wicked value. Let me explain.

Fast Facts

  • For the sake of your back and general well-being, you need a proper desk chair if you’re working from home
  • Branch’s new Verve chair is $499 on pre-order right now, and you should seriously consider it

Shopping for a desk chair for your home office is not fun. Half-decent office chairs are expensive, kind of ugly, and their utility—keeping your body aligned while you stare at a monitor all day—is critical but extremely boring. Enter the new Branch Verve chair, which is a $499 chair that any other company would have sold for $750-plus. If you don’t feel like Googling for an hour, you should just buy it. Here’s why. 

Why to Pre-Order the Branch Verve Chair

Back Support Saves Lives

If you’ve worked in a chair not designed for long hours in front of a computer screen, you know the pain of being a chair cheapskate. Don’t be a chair cheapskate. Dining chairs, lounge chairs, sofas, and beds provide different levels of comfort to the sitter, but none are designed entirely around keeping your body in good shape after hours in an upright position. Good desk chairs, like the Verve, are. Branch outfitted the Verve with a slowly curving back with a little give; the curve matches that of your spine, and the flexibility lets you move freely while seated. There’s also a solid and adjustable lumbar support pad and a waterfall edge seat cushion to make sure your legs don’t fall asleep. 

The Price Is Stupid Good

If you’ve ever shopped for nicer office chairs you’ll know they can be very spendy. Chairs like the Verve, with several ergonomic adjustability measures and a real company behind them (many cheap Amazon-based office chair “companies” offer no customer service line should you encounter an issue with the product), are typically $750 or more, with Knoll’s ReGeneration chair being the closest to a one-to-one comparison there is. And right now it’s $50 off its retail price at launch.

It Doesn’t Look Completely Terrible

In the case of many home office chair designs, the “home” part is often forgotten. Unlike the office chair of old— which stayed, you guessed it, in the office—the chairs of today are just as likely to sit in a home office as they are at a working office. Branch’s Verve chair is still very ergonomic, but it’s also much softer and homier than many others designed for body friendliness. 

The Bottom Line

Pre-order the Branch Verve office chair if you want all the ergonomic bells and whistles of high-end desk chairs but don’t want to drop $1,000 or more.