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Like Lululemon? Here Are 14 More Fitness Brands to Shop

No Nike, Adidas, or Reebok here—these are the most Lululemon-like brands short of Lululemon itself.
By Will Price
July 3, 2024

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Though it took several years to gather steam, the ever-present fitness and athleisure brand Lululemon built itself up rom a yoga studio into one of the world’s largest and most influential fitness labels. And with ubiquity comes imitators, alternatives, and lookalikes—all of which beg the question: what’s actually worth buying? Assuming you’re on the hunt for gym geargym shoes, workouts shorts, or recovery gearnot from the mega-brands everyone knows (Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Under Armour, etc.), where do you shop? We’ve got you. These are more than a dozen fitness and athleisure brands to shop if you like Lululemon.

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The Best Brands Like Lululemon


Rhone is a committed men’s athleisure brand that places a premium on versatility. They make button-downs that are breathable, fit, and have a little stretch. They make golf shorts you could squat 315 in. But they’re at their best making proper workout gear—their running sweats, compression underwear, and super breathable shirts are the standout products here.

Summary: Lululemon if If it only designed men’s clothes

Pricing: Similar to Lululemon

Product of Note: Rhone Essentials Boxer Brief ($28)

Ten Thousand

Where Lululemon sells a healthy mix of athleisure and genuine athletic wear, Ten Thousand is really only selling serious performance gear. That performance gear takes the shape of products like the brand’s Interval Short, which we think are the best shorts for serious weightlifters, to products like its Tactical Pant, which was co-designed by members of the U.S. Special Operations community.

Summary: Lululemon after getting super into functional fitness

Pricing: Similar to Lululemon

Product of Note: Ten Thousand Interval Short ($68)

Outdoor Voices

Based in New York City, Outdoor Voices started as a cool-kid-startup brand and has become what is essentially a more niche, comfort-focused version of Lululemon. The prices are similar and the products come in many of the same bright colors, but they skew cozier than Lululemon, generally speaking.

Summary: Lululemon, but cozier

Pricing: Similar to Lululemon

Product of Note: Outdoor Voices Nimbus Sweatpant ($88)


Vuori makes all the athleisure staples you’d expect out of a Lululemon-like brand, but their standout products hit closer to home. The brand is drenched in California style, and as such is known for its swim trunks, casual hiking apparel, and excellent selection of men’s yoga gear.

Summary: Lululemon with a better tan

Pricing: Similar to Lululemon

Product of Note: Vuori Banks Short ($68)

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Wolaco makes the usual collection of workout gear, but its claim to fame is its compression gear. If you’re serious about whatever fitness regimen you’re on, compression gear is a must, and Wolaco’s is as durable, functional, and well-fitting as is possible.

Summary: Lululemon, except it never skips leg day

Pricing: Similar to Lululemon

Product of Note: Wolaco North Moore Short ($58)


If you’re into running and the aesthetic of running culture, New England-based Tracksmith might be for you. The brand’s successful marriage of old school running looks with decidedly new school athletic materials has made it a hit with serious distance runners (and guys who just want to look the part).

Summary: Lululemon’s rich brother who runs cross-country

Pricing: Higher than Lululemon

Product of Note: Tracksmith Cortlandt Running Singlet ($68)If


Fabletics is a monthly membership clothing brand. If you buy into the $50+ a month fee, you can get their wares for more than half the regular price; if you don’t, their gear is typically priced at Lululemon levels. From a material, aesthetics, and design perspective, though, Fabletics may be the brand most similar to Lululemon on this list.

Summary: Lululemon, except it’s always on sale

Pricing: Similar to Lululemon

Product of Note: Fabletics The Fundamental Short ($65)

No Bull

Founded for and by CrossFitters, NoBull got its start with a surge of popularity around its cross-training focused sneakers. Today, though, they sell their sturdy shoes to compression gear, tank tops, and slides.

Summary: Lululemon if it got really into CrossFit

Pricing: Similar to Lululemon

Product of Note: NoBull Gum Trainers ($129)


Uniqlo doesn’t make is easy to shop their athleisure and athletic wear, but it’s worth your time to do so. If you don’t know the brand, it’s kind of like a Japanese Gap, but the clothes fit better and are typically priced lower. Its athletic wear looks a bit like Lululemon’s—very few logos, simple designs, and sturdy materials.

Summary: Lululemon but you can buy your whole wardrobe

Pricing: Lower than Lululemon

Product of Note: Uniqlo AIRism Support Tights ($30)

Reigning Champ

The most striking thing about Reigning Champ clothes is the weight. The hoodies, sweatshirts, and sweatpants feel luxe. They’ve got some weight to them, the stitching doesn’t fray after a single wash, and the whole thing comes off like the people who made it weren’t messing around. This feeling does come at a price, though, so consider Reigning Champ gear for your Christmas list or as a payday splurge.

Summary: Lululemon with street cred

Pricing: Higher than Lululemon

Product of Note: Reigning Champ Midweight Zip Hoodie ($170)The


ASRV has a king of techy gym bro vibe about it that separates it from other fitness labels. Its products are feature-heavy, built with unique materials, and often a fair bit pricier than equivalent Lululemon gear. If you’re into the look and want high-performance fitness gear, it’s worth a look.

Summary: Lululemon for tech nerds

Pricing: Higher than Lululemon

Product of Note: ASRV Tetra-Lite Short ($118)


You don’t see a lot of activity-specific fitness brands anymore, but Alo remains one of the few. This design philosophy means Alo gear is comfortable to wear in and out of fitness settings. Everything is either stretchy, a little baggy, or both. If comfort and performance are what you’re looking for, Alo may be the fitness label for you.

Summary: Lululemon for yoga enthusiasts

Pricing: Similar to Lululemon

Product of Note: Alo Qualifier Pant ($108)


Ciele is a running brand for serious runners. The apparel is light, breathable, and fitted with loads of helpful features like reflective patches for nighttime running and hidden pockets for keys and wallets.

Summary: Lululemon for folks who run day and night

Pricing: About the same as Lululemon

Product of Note: Ciele GOCap ($40)


Prana’s clothing rides the line between athletic wear and leisure garments by leaning a bit more on the latter. Its clothes are typically a bit looser, lighter, and more movement-friendly than normal, but they’re not strictly speaking “gym clothes,” usually.

Summary: Lululemon but more relaxed

Pricing: A bit more affordable than Lululemon

Product of Note: Vaha Pant ($95)