Hard-sided coolers and soft coolers on an ice background.

Don’t Want to Drop Cash on a YETI? These Coolers Are Even Better

I.e. coolers for smart people.

It starts with a few targeted Instagram ads and some good old word of mouth, and before you realize it, you’ve just dropped half a paycheck on a cooler. But you’re smarter than that, and you know not every popular product is actually the best in its class. Sure, not much beats an ice-cold 12-pack while stuffing down hot dogs at the tailgate, or cracking open a cold one during a 90-degree day on the lake. However, there are much better uses for your hard-earned cash than spending $500 on a piece of plastic, like optimizing your health, investing in bitcoin, or, we don’t know, buying a pickleball league.

Consider this an intervention: you can achieve all of the above with a cooler that isn’t YETI. Start your own trend, and shop some of the best coolers on the market.

The 8 Best Coolers Like YETI