Liver King with red lines covering his body

Is Liver King's 20-Day Natty Body a Joke?

Go grab your detective hat and get ready to investigate.

Liver King may have a sense of humor but he’s still the butt of the joke. 

As we explained earlier this January, the health and fitness Instagram influencer—real name: Brian Johnson—has been under fire ever since news leaked that he was using performance-enhancing drugs—to the tune of about $11,000 per month. 

Of course, this admission followed his prior indefatigable protestation that he didn’t touch steroids. 

The “Ancestral Supplements” hawker confessed that, yes, he had lied, adding a pledge to come clean and drop the juice. When he purportedly started embracing the natty lifestyle, he revealed some not-so-fun symptoms of weaning himself off steroids, including “blurry vision, low energy, low drive, low mood.”

Nearly three weeks later, Liver King posted this groaner of a gag on Instagram, in which he says: “Primals want to know…what does Liver King look like 20 days natty? Well, here you go.”


Banal? Yup. Too soon? Probably. Did anyone really want to know how his body changed? Actually, yes. 

But he knows that, evidenced by his caption: “Truth is, they warned Liver King this would be a difficult process… but this is not difficult. This is downright barbaric! Taking guesses for what Liver King will look like at the end of the month…”

We’ll take “The Same” for $1,000 on that bingo card. 

And lo, a few days later, nestled in Liver King’s Instagram stories was this photo: 

Johnson’s 24-day natty claim is a little suspect because he looks exactly the same, if not a little dehydrated. For comparison, here’s Johnson over the summer: 

And here he is almost a year ago: 

Scrutinizing these three photos is like playing an impossible game of “Spot the Difference.” 

Then again, his form and overall performance in this muscle-up on some rings has plenty of commenters laughing: