Different fitness trackers on white pedestals and red background

The Best Tech to Push Your Spring Workouts to the Limit

Rejoice, it's finally warm enough to exercise outdoors.

With warm weather comes the joys of fitness in the great outdoors. And with any and all fitness nowadays—running, hiking, swimming, and everything in between—there are dozens of trackers to lend us mountains of performance data, heart rate scores, hyper-accurate GPS readings, and swim stroke counts. But what’s out there? What’s worth the high prices demanded by fitness trackers? The answer to the first question is a lot, but the second is a more complex puzzle to solve, and one that depends mostly on what kind of fitness you’re getting up to, and what you want your fitness tracker to do for you. Below, find the best options for a wide range of workout and health goals. 

The Best Workout Tech on the Market