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We All Suck at Sleeping. These Gifts Make You Suck Less

The bible of sleep, a hot sleeper's dream, an Amazon innovation, and more sleep-improving tools to gift this year.

For those who struggle with sleep, the supposedly cozy moment when you crawl into bed isn’t all that great. Difficulty sleeping breeds anxiety about sleeping, which of course makes the whole thing even more difficult. 

Why do you get so hot when you sleep? Should I switch from sleeping on my stomach to my back? Are those beers keeping me up? Is it hot showers that help you sleep—or, wait, I thought it was cold? The reality of sleep deficiency is often more complex than this. The best thing you can do is eliminate variables, which is exactly what this gang of sleep-improving products aims to do. From no-music-allowed earbuds to the most aggressive bed-cooling tool on the market, these are the products to gift the sleepiest people you know (ahem, new parents).

The Best Gifts for Bad Sleepers