This Fake Coke Kept Me Sane While on Keto

And I haven’t put it down since.
By Austin Letorney
July 8, 2022

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I’m not a big fan of diets. But a few years back, my younger cousin got serious about keto. I had put on a few pounds, outgrew one of my favorite shirts (just a bit too tight in the midsection), and didn’t see the harm in trying it.

This diet quickly turned into more of a challenge than I thought, however. Constantly keeping track of my macros sent my non-math-minded brain into a spiral. Sure, it’s simple addition, but counting every gram of protein, carbs, and fat slowly started to take its toll. But I was seeing results and I was torn over whether to continue.

One day my cousin came over with a product that would change the course of my keto conundrum. He described it as “fake soda,” but assured me it was worth every sip.

This was Green Cola.

Green Cola

What is Green Cola, and Why Do I Love It?

Green Cola Company started in 2011 and sought to bring natural ingredients into the soft drink industry to promote a healthier and more balanced lifestyle for consumers. Just one year later, Green Cola launched but it wasn’t until 2019 that it hit U.S. shelves.

Green Cola’s taste and benefits come from all natural ingredients. The sweetness comes from stevia and the caffeine (37mg per 12-ounce can) from green coffee beans. But for those watching their weight, or following diets like I was, it boasts an impressive nutrition label, too. It’s zero calories, 0 grams of sugar, 0 grams of fat, and just 1 gram of carbs per can.

This soda-alternative allowed me to have something sweet without kicking me out of ketosis (the point of keto) because the carb count was so low. I compare the taste of Green Cola to regular Coke. It has the right amount of fizz that doesn’t die after several minutes, and the aftertaste is just right until you take that next sip.

The best part about Green Cola is how well it mixes with booze. While I will say a margarita is my drink of choice, a refreshing rum and coke is a close second. I don’t sacrifice taste and I don’t suffer from an excruciating hangover. With less sugar, I can drink (in moderation, of course) and be up and ready to tackle the next day.

You can buy Green Cola in 12-ounce cans, 20-ounce bottles, 2-liter bottles, or 8-count boxes of cans. Plus, the Green Cola Company expanded to include products like Green Orangeade, Green Lemon, Green Lemon-Lime, and Green Sour Cherry. And while these flavors are good, nothing beats the OG flavor for me.

While I no longer follow the keto diet (for fear of high cholesterol, and I lost my calculator), Green Cola remains a pantry staple. In fact, I’m drinking a can right now.

Man pouring Green Cola into a glass
Take away the can and you wouldn’t tell the difference from traditional sodas.

Love the Label

No calories, no sugar, no fat, and 1g of carbs.


All the taste of soda with no regrets after drinking it.

Master Mixer

Makes my mixed drinks 10 times better.

The Bottom Line

Green Cola is a healthier option than soda, plain and simple. Zero calories, zero sugar, and all the taste packed into a 12-ounce can, this stevia-sweetened beverage is perfect for crafting your favorite mixed drink, or providing that sweet sip even for those on a strict diet like keto. Just crack one can of Green Cola and you’ll never go back to your old soda ways again.