best gym hoodies

It's Gym Hoodie Season. These Are the Best Ones to Buy

Really, it's always gym hoodie season.

Why do people wear hoodies to the gym? Because they want to look like Rocky climbing the steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art? Could be. Maybe they like starting a workout in a hoodie because they warm up faster. What about us self-conscious types who don’t want anyone to see our body—ever—but still want to hit the gym? Hoodies help with that, sure. 

There are a zillion reasons hoodies have been popular gym dress for decades, but the simplest answer is so often the right one: hoodies are damn comfortable, and working out isn’t.  Whether you’re looking for something rugged enough to handle heavy weight lifting or you want a lightweight style that you don’t even notice, these are the best gym hoodies you can buy. 

The Best Gym Hoodies on the Market