spoon french fries

Heinz's New French Fry Is Designed to Deliver Ketchup By the Spoonful

Heinz's new ad campaign shows off French fries in the shape of spoons and the world has collectively lost its shit.


It’s rather simple: Heinz, the ketchup company, made french fries in the shape of spoons in order to eat more ketchup per fry. 

There are apparently two kinds of people: those who like french fries, and those who like ketchup. According to Heinz’s research, the vast majority of us fall into the latter group, which is why they’ve designed something truly next-level: the spoon fry.

Officially called “Spoon Friez,” the mega-company conducted a worldwide study to determine fry-eating tendencies, which led to finding that 95 percent of fry enjoyers do not partake unless there is ketchup (or other condiment) present. What’s more, the brand says a whopping 84 percent of the fry-eating public regularly experience “friestration”—or the visceral disappointment at a french fry’s inability to carry more ketchup to a person’s pie hole. 

Better Eating

If you happen to be one of the 84 percent that would like more ketchup per bite, there is… well there is only bad news. Heinz, being a condiment maker and not a french fry purveyor, is not selling Spoon Friez publicly any time soon. Only a select few will be blessed enough to eat them. What’s more, entry into this faux-democratic french fry Hunger Games is permitted to residents of the U.K. only. To all those friestrated by this, know that your pain is shared.

That said, if you’re paying a diet any mind, you’re going to want to avoid Heinz ketchup (and probably the fries, too). Try these healthier alternatives instead.