Henry Cavill posing for pictures

Introducing Herbal Waters. Why Henry Cavill Partnered with No1 Botanicals, Herb-Infused H20s

Is rosemary secretly Superman’s key to longevity?

Has one key to longevity been hiding out in a tiny Italian village? Apparently 1 in 10 residents of Acciaroli—a coastal enclave on the southwestern side of Italy—live to be more than 100 years old.

The common denominator in this European paradise? Herbal water, particularly infused with rosemary and fennel. One famous face on-board with this new trend is Henry Cavill, who just launched an ad campaign for No1 Botanicals, a company using rosemary, ginger, fennel, and lemon verbena within its sparkling and still waters.

What hooked Superman? It would seem Cavill himself was looking to help improve memory and cognitive function—while making a little cash, too. Enter No1 Botanicals.

As to whether herb-infused water has health benefits, there are several strong indicators it may. Rosemary has long been touted for its ability to improve immunity and cognitive function. One study shows that drinking No1’s rosemary extract drink can improve memory and cognitive performance by up to 15 percent. If that’s the case, we’d chug this all day.

As for fennel, it’s used for weight management and fighting inflammation, and drinking fennel can kickstart that metabolism and suppress hunger. Plus, if you’re drinking water, you’re hydrating while you’re boosting your system. Two birds, one stone.

If Acciaroli is right and herb water is a key to longevity, then we’re here for these superhero drinks.