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Hydrow’s New Smaller (and Cheaper) Rowing Machine Just Dropped

The Hydrow Wave rower may be the best compact rower you can buy.

Fast Facts

  • Hydrow, the Peloton of rowing machines, released a cheaper and smaller rower called the Wave
  • The Wave is $1000 less expensive than the original Hydrow, and 30 percent smaller

Available now, the Peloton of rowing machines just released its latest rower: the Hydrow Wave. It’s the company’s smallest, most affordable, and fastest-shipping rower. Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is the Hydrow Wave

The Wave is a connected at-home rowing machine from Hydrow. It’s significantly smaller than the original Hydrow, so it will fit more easily into smaller rooms and homes. The size shift also means it can be shipped and delivered through the mail, which will cut down on delivery wait times and cost. Like the original Hydrow, it comes with a large touchscreen used for guided workouts and general use, as well as the company’s patented “electromagnetic drag technology,” which is meant to mimic the feeling of real water rowing. 

How Much Does the Hydrow Wave Cost?

The base model Hydrow Wave costs $1,495, or $1,000 less than the original Hydrow, which costs $2,495. Hydrow also offers package deals that add accessories and nice-to-haves to the mix. The Essentials Package ($1,560) comes with the Wave rower and a mat to sit it on, for example. The Works Package ($1,895) comes with the Wave Rower, a machine mat, a heart rate monitor, yoga blocks, a separate workout mat, a foam roller, resistance bands, and even a pair of Jaybird Vista wireless earbuds. 

Available as a separate purchase, the wall anchor storage system costs $190.

How Big Is the Hydrow Wave?

The reduced size, along with the reduced price, are the Wave’s biggest selling points. The Wave is 80 inches long, 19 inches wide, and 43 inches tall—this is about 30 percent smaller than the original rower’s 86″ x 25″ x 47″ dimensions. At a shade over 100 pounds, it’s also about 40 pounds lighter than the original, making it (a bit) easier to move around if needed. 

When stored upright using the wall anchor storage system, the Wave measures 26.5″ x 30″ x 82″. 

hydrow wave rower
POV: the Hydrow Wave rower profile is extremely slim.

Where Can You Buy the Hydrow Wave?

The Hydrow Wave is available on Hydrow’s site, Best Buy, and in Fabletics stores. There is no difference in price or shipping. 

What’s the Difference Between the Hydrow Wave and the Normal Hydrow?

The biggest differences are the lighter weight, smaller footprint, and lower price. The touchscreen is also 3 inches smaller, and the aesthetics are more toned down (it looks more like a traditional rower). Both use the same class programming, should you subscribe to it. The Wave is $1000 cheaper, 30 percent smaller, and 40 pounds lighter than the original Hydrow rower

The Bottom Line

For $1,000 less than the original Hydrow rower, Hydrow’s new Wave rower offers a more compact home rowing machine packed with the same smart tech and guided classes.