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Kevin Hart Follows Dwayne Johnson Into Tequila Biz, Launches Gran Coramino

Get ready to learn about the world of Cristalinos.

Kevin Hart’s empire grows a little today as his tequila brand, Gran Coramino, launches nationwide. The actor and entertainer’s entrepreneurial ventures are growing rapidly (have you seen Hart on Shark Tank, holding his own against Mark Cuban and Mr. Wonderful?) so his new addition to his portfolio isn’t terribly surprising. What’s interesting is that his tequila is a Cristalino.

To produce Gran Coramino, Hart partnered with 11th-generation tequila producer Juan Domingo Beckmann, whose family has been creating high-quality tequilas for more than 225 years. A decade ago, Beckmann parlayed those centuries of knowledge about tequila manufacturing into a wholly new process where aged tequila (commonly, “reposado” or “anejo”) undergoes a special filtration process to remove the color so it looks like a silver or “blanco” tequila.

Since Gran Coramino is aged in European oak barrels, and finished in California Cabernet wine casks—a nod to where Hart calls home—the flavors imparted from both barrels remain within the tequila, despite its water-like clarity. The result is a “complex, deeply smooth flavor,” per the company’s press release. (We’ve yet to taste it, but when we do, we’ll report back.) 

Of course, if you’re wondering whether the world needs another celebrity-driven tequila brand, the answer is likely not. Liquor store shelves are overflowing with bold-faced-names: A Jonas Brother and a Detroit fashion designer have Villa One, Hart’s good friend and oft-collaborator Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is pushing his Teremana; and Kendall Jenner indiscriminately lobbed 818 into the marketplace, oblivious to the fact that it tastes bad. The gold standard for celeb-driven agave spirits remains George Clooney and his Casamigos, which he sold to Diaego for $1 billion in 2017

At least with the Cristalino twist, Hart’s bringing something different to the table. Interested in trying Gran Coramino? It’s available on its own website and ReserveBar nationwide, as of June 1st, and sells for $59 per bottle.

Not interested? That’s okay; you can still enjoy Kevin Hart dancing in his bathrobe to promote his bottle.