Liver King standing in forest

Would You Eat Raw Cow Brains? This Crazy Family Does

Think you’re tough enough for The Liver King’s insane diet?

The weekend’s here, the weather’s nice, and it’s time to fire up the propane and get grilling. What’s on your grates? Probably a tantalizing, juicy steak, right? 

Not if you’re the Liver King, a.k.a. Brian Johnson. This self-proclaimed CEO of ancestral living would rather dive into a hearty helping of raw bovine brains. Delicious…? In his latest Instagram post, the Liver King’s family slowly grabs their helping of brains off the table. We can only hear audible “yums” from Liver King, aside from the slipping and slopping of those tiny brains. Even his kids seem to enjoy this meal.

His wife, though? By the look on her face she might be joining you for that weekend cookout (although she may actually like it, who knows). As one commentator notes, she has “Door Dash at the ready.” Can’t blame her.

Liver King gets plenty of heat online for not only his way of life, but also his shredded physique. Joe Rogan recently called his lifestyle a “gimmick” and claimed that he is pumped full of steroids.

But what is this lifestyle that Rogan and others see as fake? It’s called ancestral living and, at its core, it’s the idea of connecting with the world around you to better your health and wellness, both physically and mentally. It follows a series of tenets (for example sleeping, eating, and connecting to the world around you) and promotes things like taking cold showers and walking barefoot to feel more connected to the Earth.

When it comes to cattle brains, these are seen as a delicacy in some parts of the world, like France and Morocco. The French believe they carry nutritional value (but they probably just see themselves as “cultured”). While it is true these brains carry some dietary value, serious health risks like mad cow disease are possible. But maybe they taste good—if you’re brave enough to find out.

Are we suggesting you nosh on raw cow brains? Nah. (And we’re sticking to grilling beef ourselves.) But we’ll happily watch the Liver King do his thing. Want more entertainment from this madman? How about this video of him surfing and curling a dumbbell?