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Green Your Sex Life With Natural Condoms

Nothing wrong with some good, clean fun.
By Rebekah Harding
May 21, 2024

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You’ve almost swapped out all of your single-use products. You use a metal straw, a BPA-free reusable water bottle, and reusable food containers. But if you’re like most guys, there’s one single-use product that you can’t live without: condoms. 

Male hormonal birth control isn’t available yet and barrier methods are most effective at preventing sexually transmitted diseases and infection. But keeping condoms cheap and durable often means including ingredients like petroleum and phthalates. 

It can be hard to sift through vague labels on generic condom brands to avoid unwanted chemicals. There’s no certifying body (like the FDA) for “natural” condoms. And as it stands, condoms are considered a medical device, so brands aren’t required to put the ingredients on the package.

Luckily, many brands are making eco-friendly manufacturing choices—like using natural latex, avoiding milk-based casein, and ditching irritating spermicides. If you’re looking to reduce your environmental penis-print or want to avoid certain ingredients without giving up safety, give these condoms a try. 

The 15 Best Natural Condoms

Sustain Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms

Best Eco-Friendly Condoms

These rubbers are made with fair-trade latex and are gluten-free and vegan. Sustain condoms are also free of nitrosamine—a common chemical in condoms that may increase your risk for certain cancers, per the National Cancer Institute.

And you’ve got options. They come in four fits—ultra-thin, wider tip, tailored fit, and x-large—which make these perfect for guys of all sizes.

P.S. Latex Condoms

Best Vegan Condoms

Many latex condoms are made with casein—a dairy byproduct—which is the culprit of that smell. Not, P.S. Latex. These rubbers are made with 100 percent vegan materials and are BPA, paraben, and glycerin-free. P.S. Latex condoms come in regular and XL sizes.

Royal Tailored Fit Ultra Thin

Best Spermicide-Free Condoms

Many spermicides contain nonoxynol-9—a surfactant found in many cleaning products—which can irritate genital tissue. While some guys like the added protection, spermicide allergies or sensitivities for both partners can make sex with a condom uncomfortable.

Royal Tailored Fit Ultra Thin condoms are spermicide-free and lubricated with a skin-friendly, pH-balanced lube.

Glyde Ultra Organic Wildberry Flavored Vegan Condoms

Best Flavored Condoms

Nasty spermicides and unflavored lubes are the last thing anyone wants to taste during oral. But opting for organic doesn’t mean you have to ditch flavor.

These flavored, vegan condoms from Glyde Ultra come in strawberry, wildberry (a reviewer favorite), vanilla, and more. Unlike other flavored condoms, no added sugars and artificial scents make it safe for penetrative sex, too.

LOLA Non-Toxic Condoms

Best Non-Toxic Condoms

LOLA condoms are made without parabens, casein, glycerin, nitrosamines, gluten, or synthetic flavor. They’re electronically tested and FDA-cleared, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you and your partner are protected.

Lovability Buttercup Condoms

Best Odor-Free Condoms

Buttercup condoms are made with just four ingredients: natural rubber latex, hypo-allergenic silicone oil, cornstarch, and magnesium carbonate powder. That means no irritating chemicals like spermicide, dyes, or fragrances.

These condoms come in always right-side-up, no-tear packaging, which helps you avoid awkward fumbling in the heat of the moment.

Maude Rise Plus

Best XL Condoms

These fragrance and spermicide-free XL condoms are a non-toxic pick for guys that need a little extra room. Maude Rise Plus is electronically triple-tested to prevent tears and comes in a buttercup package so it’s always right side up.

Guys like the inconspicuous packaging, which won’t call attention on your nightstand.

Smile Makers Come Connected Ultra Thin Condoms

Best Thin Condoms

Thicker latex can dull sensation during sex, but staying protected shouldn’t take away from your experience.Smile Makers Come Connected Ultra Thin condoms are extra lubricated and made with thin, natural latex, so you can put it on and forget about it.

They are also pH-friendly and free from spermicide and parabens.

LELO HEX Original

Best Luxury Condoms

There’s a reason for the hefty price tag on these bad boys. LELO HEX condoms are made with a unique, hexagonal structure that maximizes strength and sensitivity. The inside is textured to prevent slip. These rubbers are spermicide-free and made with natural latex.

b condoms Black Latex Condom

Best Tinted Condoms

If you’re looking for a condom that matches a deeper skin tone, these tinted, latex condoms are pesticide, casein, paraben, and glycerin-free. b condoms are coated with neutral-scented lube, which axes that waxy, industrial latex smell.

ONE Mixed Pleasure Condoms

Best Variety Pack

Choice overload? You don’t have to pick a single type. ONE Mixed Pleasure variety pack contains nine different condom styles, so you can try before you buy in bulk. The 24-pack contains:

Vanish: ultra-thin condoms with a natural feel

Super Studs: studded condoms

Glowing Pleasures: glow-in-the-dark condoms

Super Sensitive: extra lubed

Tattoo Touch: condoms printed with tattoo design

FlavorWaves: flavored condoms

Pleasure Plus: ribbed tip

Extreme Ribs: ribbed condoms

ONE condoms are made without GMOs, parabens, glycerin, gluten, spermicide, and fragrances.

Unique Plus Latex-Free Condoms

Best Latex-Free Condoms

Just because you have a latex allergy doesn’t mean you have to opt for condoms made with animal products, like lambskin. Unique Plus Latex-Free condoms are vegan and made with high-tech synthetic polyethylene resin—which is three times stronger and thinner than traditional latex.

Hello Cake Condoms

Best Non-GMO Condoms

Cornstarch is used in many condoms to prevent the latex from sticking to itself. That means that genetically-modified (GMO) corn can sneak into your bedroom. Hello Cake condoms are made with non-GMO cornstarch and natural latex—and they come in snug fit, ultra-thin, ribbed, and large styles.


Best Tight-Fit Condoms

Standard condoms are typically between 52 and 54 mm in diameter. If straight-sized condoms are too loose or you just prefer a tighter fit, UNION SNUG 49mm rubbers got you covered.

UNION SNUG condoms are vegan and made without harmful chemicals, spermicides, and fragrances.

LOVENSE Ultra Thin Condoms

Best Multi-Size Condoms

Despite what many drugstore brands lead you to believe, condoms aren’t one-size-fits-all. LOVENSE Ultra Thin condoms come in six sizes (49, 51, 52, 54, 56, and 60 mm in diameter), so you’ll have no issue finding the perfect fit.

Plus, each non-toxic natural latex condom is electronically tested for durability.