Six condom brands on yellow background

Green Your Sex Life With Natural Condoms

Nothing wrong with some good, clean fun.


ou’ve almost swapped out all of your single-use products. You use a metal straw, a BPA-free reusable water bottle, and reusable food containers. But if you’re like most guys, there’s one single-use product that you can’t live without: condoms. 

Male hormonal birth control isn’t available yet and barrier methods are most effective at preventing sexually transmitted diseases and infection. But keeping condoms cheap and durable often means including ingredients like petroleum and phthalates. 

It can be hard to sift through vague labels on generic condom brands to avoid unwanted chemicals. There’s no certifying body (like the FDA) for “natural” condoms. And as it stands, condoms are considered a medical device, so brands aren’t required to put the ingredients on the package.

Luckily, many brands are making eco-friendly manufacturing choices—like using natural latex, avoiding milk-based casein, and ditching irritating spermicides. If you’re looking to reduce your environmental penis-print or want to avoid certain ingredients without giving up safety, give these condoms a try. 

The 15 Best Natural Condoms