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Nick Cannon Gets a Vasectomy From Ryan Reynolds, But It’s Not What You Think

You might actually want one too.

With his eighth(!) kid on the way, Nick Cannon knows he needs a vasectomy. But not the snipping kind. The Masked Singer host needs a drink. Desperately.

Ryan Reynolds, fellow famous father and owner of Aviation Gin, has the remedy; the Aviation Vasectomy cocktail. Part cranberry juice, some tonic, and a fine American gin can drown out any crying baby or nagging toddler.

But Reynolds didn’t let Cannon off the hook that easy. The Red Notice star was quick to poke fun at Cannon on his Instagram post: “Congrats to @nickcannon! Also apologies to @nickcannon.”

Cannon’s dry response? “Yeah… Thanks a bunch.”

For those dads out there wondering how to stop making babies, you’ve come to the wrong place. As Reynolds notes: “While delicious, the Aviation Vasectomy is clearly not yet 100% effective.” But if you want a delicious cocktail, everything you need is below.

The Vasectomy

Step 1: Grab your tall glass and fill it with ice
Step 2: Pour 1 oz. of cranberry juice
Step 3: Add 3 oz. of tonic
Step 4: Squeeze quick dash of lemon juice
Step 5: Top it off with 1.5 oz. Of Aviation Gin
Final Step: Lightly stir, garnish, and enjoy