Ofoos recovery slides in back yard

These Oofos Recovery Slides Feel Like Walking on Clouds

Say hello to foot heaven.

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In my younger years, you wouldn’t dare catch me touching Oofos recovery slides with a 12-foot pole. I mean, bulky sandals built with arch support that have recovery in the title give me geriatric vibes.

But after years of listening to my husband gush about them (and refuse to go anywhere without them), I finally caved.

Lo, it was love at first slip.

Oofos are the recovery slides you (I) didn’t know were needed, but absolutely are. Here’s why I can’t live without them.

Oofos Ooah Recovery Slides

What Are Oofos Ooah Recovery Slides

Taking the time to recover after a run or a hard workout is one of the most important aspects of any fitness routine. You might have your post-workout shakes, a date with your massage gun, and a good sleep schedule sorted. But one of the most overlooked recovery techniques is investing in a good pair of recovery shoes.

Enter Oofos. A recovery shoe brand with two goals: To take the pressure off your joints while supporting the arch and shape of your foot. And to properly align your knees, hips, and spine to reduce foot pain and promote recovery.


Why You Should Get Them


Slides are back in (thanks Gucci). And Oofos simple design makes them easy to pull off with casual looks like a pair of Mack Weldon joggers. You can pull off Oofos literally anywhere. Don’t believe me? Check out Tiger Woods repping them with socks at the 150th Open (like a boss).

Like Walking on a Memory Foam Pillow

When a sandal feels like a pillow after peeling off your ultra-cushioned Hokas, you know they’re doing something right. Oofos Ooah slides bouncy and soft, but supportive in the right places. According to the company’s website, the signature Oofoam technology absorbs 37 percent more impact than other shoe technologies made from foam.


As long-time Oofos wearers, we can confirm these sandals can stand up to some serious wear and tear. My husband’s first pair lasted over three years. I’ve had my first pair for a little over a year, and after four to five wears a week, they still look brand spanking new.

Woman wearing oofos outside
My year old Oofos in the wild.

Goodbye Achy Feet

As a consistent runner, I’m no stranger to plantar fasciitis or sore feet. Nothing beats slipping into my Oofos slides after a long run. They’ve saved me after many races, and give me the support I need to stand and cook dinner after putting up big miles.

Relatively Affordable

You can score a pair of Yeezy slides for $180, or you can get a pair of Oofos for a fresh $50. Fifty might feel steep, but the unique construction and recovery materials make them well worth the splurge. Plus, they’re still cheaper than the majority of slides, most of which don’t offer the same recovery perks.

The Bottom Line

Ofoos recovery slides offer legit relief for sore feet and pillow-soft support. Despite being a splurge at $50, they’re a fraction of the price of competitor slides and actually live up to the hype.