Origins Super Spot Remover

This Is the Only Acid I’ll Ever Put on My Face

Salicylic acid sounds harsh, but it’s anything but.

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Pimples are for high school, right? Well, not for me. My face was a canvas for stress, a Jackson Pollock of little white heads. It was annoying, painful, and a real confidence killer. When washing my face and using generic face cleansers no longer worked, I felt there was no choice but to take drastic measures.

I put my fragile male ego aside and walked into Sephora, to the back shelf, where on a tiny throne sat a bottle of salicylic acid. This would soon become my saving grace against those little pus-filled demons. Origins Super Spot Remover was there to save the day.

I won’t lie, salicylic acid doesn’t sound like the friendliest of things to put on your face. But a small dab of Origins on top of pimples can dry them out and kiss them good-bye.

What Is Origins Super Spot Remover, and Why Do I Love It?

Salicylic acid is actually a popular acne treatment known for reducing whiteheads, clearing out blackheads, and preventing breakouts. Origins takes this well-known treatment and infuses it with a natural approach, combining plant science with the right treatments for skin.

I’ve tried many products that fail to alleviate my acne problems, but this works—every time. Plus, no one has to know. A normal skincare routine would take place at night, but if you do put this on during the day and forget to wash it off, it’s clear and no one will know the wiser.

How Origins Works

Clean your skin using any old face cleanser (I would recommend one but best to talk to a dermatologist). Dab your face dry and apply a thin layer of Origins to the spot (or spots) you want to treat. I find a small dab over an incoming—or full blown—whitehead before I go to bed gets rid of it by the morning, or at least reduces inflammation and shrinks the bump.

The truth behind me and this obsession with Origins Super Spot Remover is that I don’t actually follow the best skincare routine. No matter how long I stare at a face mask, I hate the feeling of that slimy, slippery, wet piece of whatever-it’s-made-of on my face. Sure, I wash my face every night and put a lotion on that’s probably too expensive, but that doesn’t do it justice. Our skin takes a beating every single day and all it needs is some TLC. I’m just shocked I found it with something that has acid in the name.

Origins Super Spot Remover
Origins may be small, but it packs a big punch against acne.

The Bottom Line

Origins Super Spot Remover uses salicylic acid as an effective treatment to reduce acne for clear skin and confidence. Acne is annoying, but too often do we not have control over when and where those pesky pimples will strike. The right treatment is all it takes, and with Origins, it’s the only acid I’ll ever trust on my face.