Pete Davidson flashes a peace sign

BDE Comes Naturally to Pete Davidson and These 16 Celebrities

We're shocked by a few of these guys ourselves.

If anyone thought Pete Davidson had peaked with mogul Kim Kardashian, the actor and comedian has once again proven that his Big Dick Energy knows no bounds.

As Us Weekly reported, Davidson is now dating actress, model, writer and unbelievably hot person Emily Ratajkowski. The couple made their first public appearance at a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden

His ex-fiancé Ariana Grande once tweeted (and promptly deleted) that Davidson’s penis was an impressive 10-inches long, a fact confirmed this week by his former Saturday Night Live co-star Jay Pharoah.

And Davidson’s BDE is the sole reason Kardashian cites for seeking Davidson out. And it landed him a holiday campaign with grooming company Manscaped.

Still, Davidson’s appeal isn’t just about what’s in his pants, but the quiet confidence that it gives him.

Not to mention, there are other male celebrities whose notably large members have potentially gotten them ahead in Hollywood, just not in the scandalous way you might think.

But it’s the inexplicable charisma that comes with having such a huge secret in your pants that makes these guys so compelling.

And it’s at least partially why we want to keep seeing them on tv and in movies—to see what it’s like to be that charming.

Jon Hamm walking down the street smiling

John Hamm

The Emmy-nominated Mad Men star has been spotted free-balling many times, and the photographs are worth a thousand words. (All of them are wow.)

Despite his endowment, Hamm isn’t exactly happy about the attention he’s received from his third leg.

“They’re called ‘privates’ for a reason, I’m wearing pants, for f—‘s sake. Lay off,” the 51-year-old actor told Rolling Stone in 2019. “I mean, it’s not like I’m a f—ing lead miner. There are harder jobs in the world — but when people feel the freedom to create Tumblr accounts about my c–k, I feel like that wasn’t part of the deal … But whatever. I guess it’s better than being called out for the opposite.”

Fair point, but it’s no mystery where he got the stones to say all that.

Famously fit

Liam Neeson talking on stage

Liam Neeson

Not to be outdone by Hamm and Davidson, Taken actor Liam Neeson has what model Janice Dickinson once described as “the biggest penis of any man alive.”

In an interview with Star Magazine, Dickinson went on to recount her brief fling with the leading man, saying that it “was like an Evian bottle fell out of his pants.”

Just don’t go trying to kidnap it.

Daniel Craig posing for the Spectre premier

Daniel Craig

If you’re not going to take our word for it, believe Dame Judi Dench, who referred to Craig’s penis as an “absolute monster,” in an interview with the Daily Star, after accidentally seeing it on set of Casino Royale. Dench then caught herself. “Maybe I shouldn’t have said that. How uncouth of me!”

No regrets, Judi. We appreciate you sharing. That said, when a Dame refers to a penis as big, that officially makes it a Sir.

Willem Dafoe posing for pictures

Willem Dafoe

While filming the Antichrist, Dafoe needed a stand-in during his exposed scenes.

“He has an enormous dick,” director Lars von Trier told The Boston Phoenix. “We had to take those scenes out of the film. We had a stand-in for him because … Will’s was too big.”

Damn, Dafoe.

Michael Fassbender sitting on stage

Michael Fassbender

After the release of Shame, the Irish actor’s massive member was the talk of Hollywood.

In his 2012 Golden Globe acceptance speech, co-star George Clooney thanked Fassbender for taking over the frontal nudity responsibilities from him. With his hands behind his back, Clooney swung back forth: “Michael, honestly, you can play golf like this with your hands behind your back.”

Clooney’s not the only A-lister to comment on Fassbender’s endowment. At a Human Rights Campaign gala (of all places), Charlize Theron professed her admiration.

“I have to say that I was truly impressed that you chose to play it big. Most other actors would have gone small, trust me,” Theron said. “Your penis was a revelation. I’m available to work with it anytime.”


Leonardo Dicaprio posing for photos

Leonardo DiCaprio

Former actress and model Bobbie Brown didn’t shy away from writing about a tryst with then 19-year-old Leo—and his privates—in her book Dirty Rocker Boys, per E! News.

“I unbuttoned his jeans and tugged down on his boxers,” Brown writes. “(What) I saw made me gasp. It made no sense. The kid put Tommy Lee to shame.”

Insert your own Titanic joke here, fellas.

Tommy Lee posing for photots

Tommy Lee

Maybe the most famous celeb member—and as evident by Brown’s quote, the benchmark for Hollywood hogs—Lee’s penis is no stranger to a camera.

If you think Lee’s got the largest penis, you’re not alone. “We actually surveyed one hundred people asking them to name a celebrity with a huge cock, and one hundred percent of them said Tommy Lee,” Jackass alum Steve-O told Lee on Steve-O’s Wild Ride!

Sebastian Stan even had to wear a prosthetic to play Lee in Pam and Tommy.

When asked by comedians Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura on the Your Mom’s House podcast when he first realized he was well-endowed, Lee told them middle school.

And without quoting four whole minutes of the episode, we’ll leave this for you to hear the rest about Lee and his lengthy member.


Orlando Bloom posing for photos

Orlando Bloom

After Bloom was caught nude paddleboarding, his penis was open for discussion.

On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Seth Rogen was impressed with Orlando’s size.

“I thought honestly Orlando’s probably a bigger guy and proportionally his penis still looked right to scale which makes me think overall it’s probably bigger,” Rogen said.

When Howard Stern, host of The Howard Stern Show, mentioned how big Bloom was, Rogen responded, “I thought it was pretty big.”

“His dick is big,” Stern said bluntly.

Jamie Foxx on stage

Jamie Foxx

According to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Garcelle Beauvais, Foxx is “hung like a horse.”

“Holy crap,” she told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, describing an intimate encounter with Foxx. “We did a stint where he sort of like ripped off his jeans and it’s just like,” Beauvais cuts off as she unravels her hand towards the ground.

When fellow guest Heather Dubrow asked if Foxx was “Tommy Lee kind of big,” Beauvais simply said, “yeah.”

David Beckham posing for photos

David Beckham

Unless your penis is supremely lengthy, good luck trying to “bend it like Beckham.”
“I’m proud to see his penis 25-foot tall,” said his wife Victoria Beckham when asked about his 2008 Emporio Armani underwear campaign.

“And it’s great, it’s huge, have you seen it?,” she said.

No, Posh, we can’t say we have.

Bill Hader posing for photos

Bill Hader

The SNL alum is apparently packing.

Actor and ex-girlfriend Rachel Bilson was asked by guest Tommy Dorfman on her podcast Broad Ideas with Rachel Bilson what she missed about being with Hader.

“His big dick,” Bilson said.

‘nough said.

Steven Tyler singing on stage

Steven Tyler

We now know where the 74-year old rock legend gets his juice to hit those “Dream On” high notes, thanks to Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler.

“After seeing Steven Tyler’s rig with five different girls’ hands wrapped around it, I’m lucky if I take my clothes off at all after that,” Adler told TMZ, stacking his fist on top of each other.

“I was devastated,” Adler said.

We’re not.

Oliver Hudson walking down the street

Oliver Hudson

Hudon’s apparently been packing since birth, according to his mom (yep, his mom) Goldie Hawn.

“When I had him circumcised the doctor came out and said, ‘You’ll be happy to know I have to get a bigger clamp,’” Hawn told Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. “I was thrilled.”


Harry Styles posing for photos

Harry Styles

Under speculation that Styles leaked a nude photo of himself, fellow English singer Ed Sheeran couldn’t help but poke fun.

When asked by SMASH New Zealand if One Direction’s song “Little Things” was written about their “little things,” Sheeran said, “Did you know that Harry leaked that picture himself? He leaked his own picture.”

But he quickly jumped to defend Harry’s manhood. “He definitely hasn’t got a little thing,” Sheeran said.

Justin Timberlake sitting on stage

Justin Timberlake

Timberlake’s Friends with Benefits actor Patricia Clarkson called him “gifted below the waist” on an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

“I had the good fortune to get to see him all there because they were shooting a scene that he couldn’t put anything on,” Clarkson laughed. “Oh yes.”

Ashton Kutcher headshot

Ashton Kutcher

Would you ask someone if their husband’s penis looked like a carrot stick or a beer can?

Neither would we, but that’s exactly what James Corden asked Mila Kunis during a game of “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts” on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

After joking that Ashton sports a carrot stick, Kunis quickly retracted to defend her husband’s member.

“Like a Guinness. Like Guinness,” Kunis said.

An odd comparison, but a can of Guinness is six inches. Way to go, Ashton.