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This New App Is Literally a Sleep Clinic in Your Pocket

Sleep Habit aims to buck reliance on sleeping pills with custom sleep programming and a stable of sleep "coaches."

Fast Facts

  • Sleep Reset is a three-month sleep program that tailors advice and guidance to your sleep issues
  • The intensive program, which typically costs $450 total, is available for half the price right now

There are many ways to fall to sleep faster, and to better prep your body for deep sleep. But, truthfully, on some occasions, no amount of sleep hacks or sleep-improving products will get (and keep) you asleep. Traditionally, that’s when you’d either grit your teeth and bear it or, more helpfully, speak to a medical professional who specializes in sleep. The problem, according to a new app called Sleep Reset, is that those professionals are often out of reach—months-long waitlists, high costs, and time constraints all inhibit the sleep-deprived from getting the help they need in a timely manner.

What’s the Sleep Reset App?

Launched under the umbrella of Simple Habit, a popular meditation app, Sleep Reset describes itself as a “personal sleep clinic” for those that struggle with sleep. The app supports a 12-week program that’s tailored to individual problems, which are identified by a preliminary Sleep Assessment. From there, you and the app are put to task tracking your sleep, which leads to regular progress reports and the identification of potential sleep blockers. The program was developed with help from the University of Arizona, the University of Minnesota, and the Stanford University Sleep Medicine Center.

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Sleep Habit provides a robust overview of your sleep, and how it positively (or adversely) affects your day-to-day health.

What’s New About Sleep Reset?

There are a number of would-be sleep improvement apps and digital programs, but Sleep Reset was designed from the ground up to help people drop sleeping pills, so at no point in the program will it be suggested that a user should consider them. 

Unlike most online sleep programs and apps, Sleep Reset also offers an actual guiding hand through the process, rather than the purely automated approach. Functionally, this means users are introduced to the program by and have access to, a dedicated sleep “coach” who’s responsible for guidance, goals, and general support. This feature alone makes Sleep Reset a more hands-on sleep improvement tool than most.

How Much Does Sleep Reset Cost?

Richer sleep programs that are developed and supported by legitimate science cost more than simple sleep trackers. The three-month program typically costs $450 total (or $150 per mont), but the company is running a launch sale that cuts the price in half, to $75 a month, for customers that try the program with a seven-day free trial.