Dwayne Johnson in tank top walking down the street

The Scariest Thing About Halloween Was The Rock’s Thighs

Some people's thighs are strong enough to crush a watermelon. The Rock’s thighs could crush an entire watermelon stand.

Forget about brain-eating zombies and broom-flying witches. If you wanted to be scared this spooky season, you didn’t have to go outside on Halloween. You just had to look at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Instagram on leg day.

Really, those thighs are enough to make anyone cower in fear.

While you were eating leftover candy for breakfast on Tuesday, November 1st, the Fast & Furious actor was finishing an extreme workout and an emoji-filled fitspirational post.

“Got a lil’ crazy 😈 Worked very hard 💀 Set the tone and temperament for the work week ⚓️,” he wrote before tagging the photo with some inspiring messages for fans, “#setitoff #hardestworkersintheroom #bsr Happy Halloween 🎃 👻.”

For anyone unfamiliar with The Rock’s catchphrases, #bsr stands for the phrase featured on his shirt in the picture, “Blood, sweat, respect”—a play on Winston Churchill’s “blood, sweat, and tears” that implies that The Rock doesn’t let crying keep him from getting jacked. And, not that you were looking at anything but his thighs, but we have to respect that mentality.

So how do you get thighs like The Rock? In a follow-up post, he detailed the workout of “5 monster sets,” of leg presses, lack squats, chain lunges, and dumbbell sumo squats. And of course, he demonstrates the sumo squat 100-point dumbbell.

But whatever weight you can manage to squat, the former pro-wrestler has recommended slow, controlled reps for big gains in the past. Beyond that, he leaves you with a few simple words of encouragement. “It’s a bitch. Give it a shot. Have fun.”

Respect, indeed.